Dazller Eyetex Lipstick Reviews

Dazller Eyetex Lipstick Reviews

Dazller Eyetex lipstick Reviews 

Hello girls,

Being a lipstick girl, I needed to lay my hand on a couple of dazller lipsticks. Dazller has a mixed bag of them in different packaging however the arrangement is mmm… no comments. Also, they have book with lipstick filled plastic lips in succession to picked the shades structure its one confounding business, I let you know yet it is shabby rush to get one and acknowledge at home that it is surprisingly better than the swatch book (it is actually a book, which you can open to see the colors) being a mate of rust lipsticks. I got what I discovered to be closest to block.

This is simply a fun review about my experience with lipsticks. The main two I have in the old lakme style tan packaging. Oh my god, in the event that you see the packaging you will be nostalgic about when your mother used to have those lakme lipsticks.

There is something amusingly interesting about these old style cosmetics. In the event that you have entry to these you can simply get the shades straightforwardly without needing to investigate, if you like these.

They have 3 ranges I think. This one is Rs.100; there is one territory for Rs.65 and an alternate at Rs.80 separately.

Dazller Eyetex Lipstick
Dazller Eyetex Lipstick

Product Description 

Dazller lipstick provides you smooth, pearl completion and rich color. 

Direction for Use 

Apply with a lip brush or with the slug straightforwardly on to your saturated lips. 

Shelf Life 

18 months

Dazller Eyetex Lipstick
Dazller Eyetex Lipstick


Rs. 100 


The lipstick arrives in a shimmery copper plastic case with dark inside. I like don’t their packaging. It is not charming to the eye. The top bolts really well so no issue with the wreckage or anything of sorts. It’s exceptionally travel amicable 


It is exceptionally smooth and delicate; skims on like a fantasy and has a pearl complete. I cherish this better than sparkles. All their Rs.100 ones have pearl complete rather than shines and give that shiny impact without that horrendous chaos. 

Dazller Eyetex Lipstick
Dazller Eyetex Lipstick

Key Ingredients 

Not mentioned 

Pros of Eyetex  Dazller lipstick

  • Lovely bare tan
  • Pearl complete and smooth composition
  • Effectively accessible 

Cons of Eyetex Dazller lipstick

  • Dead shabby
  • Not drying whatsoever.
  • Backbone may be yet I can’t request better at 100 bucks.

    Dazller Eyetex Lipstick
    Dazller Eyetex Lipstick

My Experience with Eyetex Dazller lipstick 

When you are attempting them, they have a palette with round pots loaded with these lip shades. They are similar to smaller than expected tester and I simply love them. I was supposing I will simply get that palette yet not available to be purchased.

It is pink with slight peach tones in it. Best suited on reasonable to medium reasonable tones. If that you are searching for a tan and for darker tones, it will be an incredible tan begin. For me it’s simply great.

This dazller lipstick stayed for 2 hours with light feast in the middle of on me and the moisturisation kept going an hour more. Without feast on and very little work with your talkers, it will stay for 4 hours.

The aroma is exceptionally mellow scent like child powder not vexatious. 

Dazller Eyetex Lipstick
Dazller Eyetex Lipstick


8 out of 10. 

Whether I would recommend this product again: 

Yes. It’s a decent color to begin with and an incredible naked in the event that you are an eye cosmetics darling like me. For the reward, it’s my ideal molding pink cream r. I don’t know how however I figured out how to discover the initial two shades I got their accumulation as my ideal become flushed and immaculate form shades. This stays on me for strong 5 hours.

I hope you like my contents and I wish they really help you to make you look different, at the same time beautiful also. To make me know your thoughts and ideas, make use of comment box and last I just want to say “Stay Stylish and Spicy”.