ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers Reviews

ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers Reviews

ELLE 18 eye sparklers Reviews

Hi guys, so today I am going to review eye sparklers from Elle 18.Recently they have come with many new product, one of them are eye sparkler. I love products from them because they are quite pocket friendly and also of good quality so let’s see how does these eye sparklers fair!I saw them in femina and instantly decided I want to buy them so here is the review.

Product Description of ELLE 18 eye sparklers

These eye sparklers are from Elle 18’s color bomb range. These are basically pigmented colored pencils which can be used as eyeliners as well as eyeshadows, and come in very pretty shades. The color I am reviewing today is blue blast.

ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers
ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers

Direction for Use

Use it the same way you use your pencil eyeliner

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of packaging

Price & Quantity

Rs.85 for 1.5 g

ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers
ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers

Skin Type

No specific skin type, so all skin types can use it


These eye sparklers come in a small chubby stick format with a plastic cap. These sticks are black in color with the picture of Elle 18 girl on it, In all the packaging is quite cute, the only issue being that the plastic cap is not that tight and it comes off easily so you need to be careful with that. Also these are not twist up ones and are sharpen able ones which do cause product wastage to quite an extent


These eye sparklers are creamy but not intensely creamy. They glide on easily without any tugging or pulling.

ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers
ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers

Key Ingredients

Ingredients list is not listed anywhere, not even on their official website. They have only mentioned almonds, which is pretty bad because I like to know what exactly I am applying on my skin

Pros of ELLE 18 eye sparklers

  • Affordable
  • Comes in many colors
  • Easily available
  • Are creamy

Cons of ELLE 18 eye sparklers

  • Hardly stay for 1-2 hours
  • Are smudged easily
ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers
ELLE 18 Eye Sparklers

My Experience with ELLE 18 eye sparklers

From the time I purchased it I was very excited to try it on. The color I got was blue blast, it is a beautiful blue color with slight amount of shimmer in it, but little did I know these were going to be disappointing. I applied it at 8 in the morning before leaving for college and at almost 10 when I checked myself in the mirror I was horrified, it was smudged pretty badly on my crease area creating a mess. I thought maybe that’s because I have oily skin. I asked my friend, who has normal skin to try this on, but the same happened in her case, just that this sparkler stayed a little more time intact on her eyelids compared to mine. I have also tried using an eye primer beneath it, but that also doesn’t help much. As I love the color so much, I don’t feel like throwing it, so I use it as a base to my eyeshadow, as in I use the same colored eyeshadow on top of it to make it stop from smudging, and yes it does work. Following powder eyeshadow on top of it, it stays for almost 3 hours without smudging



Whether I would recommend ELLE 18 eye sparklers

I don’t think I would recommend these to oily skinned beauties, because they will smudge easily on their eyelids, but they can give it a try by setting it with loose powder or  eyeshadow, because elle 18 has pretty attractive colors also they are very cheap. Dry skinned beauties can definitely give these a try, because they will stay quite long on their eyelids compared to oily skinned beauties.