elle 18 nail pops

elle 18 nail pops

ELLE 18 Nail Pops – Amazing product within Budget 

Hello Beauties…!! 🙂


One of the exceptionally adorable nail pops that Elle 18 Color shells range has thought of the entire reach is truly charming and completely proper for young people who adoration colors and trying different things with them. Every shade of nail pops kissable with such adorable packing and pleasant colors. The cost of Rs. 45 is completely suitable for an amount of 5 ml.

A bottle will keep going you for 5-6 nail manicures. They arrive in a little container, so I for the most part complete them before the consistency changes. Their shade palette is huge. I can get the same number of shades as I need. I have never failed to discover a shade matching to any of my outfits.

ELLE-18-Nail-Pops 1

Elle 18 is loaded with shine and has numerous mattes. Their quality is genuine decent. I have never run over broken polish, uneven brushes or bad packaging.

ELLE-18-Nail-Pops 2

I don’t prefer to invest much time in applying the polish. I get exceptionally restless. These dry rapidly. I mean I can begin the second layer when I complete with the last pinkie. I for the most part go starting with one shade then onto the next. I don’t prefer to repeat a shade. Simply because there are such a large number of shades I am yet to attempt. They generally have something new on every visit of mine.

ELLE-18-Nail-Pops 3

They have all these inconspicuous, summery, windy tones furthermore the strong greens and soul!! Elle 18 doesn’t dry my nails. They come off effortlessly. Elle 18 is the most effortlessly available. I even discovered them in a kirana store over the road!! I lift them up every time I go there to purchase Maggi and stuff!!! LOL!!!

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  • The color pay off is great. One cover is sufficient to provide for you a lovely color. It makes me accept that the nature of the nail paint itself is great. Disregarding the terrible brush, it went uniformly on my nails. However that may be on account of it is new thus fluid. What will happen later I can’t tell…?
  • The packaging is sooo charming.
  • Extremely Cheap means I can easily give such little amount to make my nails….cutie.

    ELLE-18-Nail-Pops 5


It’s a little bottle and what would I be able to expect for such modest cost? Anyway the bottle is round which would make it hard to get the paint when it goes down a large portion of the bottle. It will be extremely troublesome according to my comprehension when we use up the last bits by tilting them sideways.

It’s the most exceedingly terrible brush ever. I thought their patching up the packaging would mean a superior quality pack yet it was the exact inverse. The minor bottles that were accessible had much preferred nature of brushes over this one. The brush is so delicate it would be impossible apply the paint legitimately. All the more over it is not even and all the more hard to apply the paint.

ELLE-18-Nail-Pops 6

My Experience with This – I actually don’t remember, but I think I am using Elle 18 nail pops from the beginning of its launch.

My Rating for This – I will give 8 out of 10 to this product. They are in amazing colors so I can easily invest a little amount into this however bad the brushes are, that’s why I deduct 2.