ELLE 18 Party Glitter Rose

ELLE 18 Party Glitter Rose

Hello Beauties,

Today I am back with a review on Elle 18 Party Glitter Rose.

I had bought this from a cosmetic shop where I had gone to buy a compact, I found its packing so attractive that I can’t resist myself from buying it ,ok so not wasting much time let us move to the review of this product.

ELLE 18 Party Glitter Rose:

Product Description:

* This is a rosy pink colored highly pigmented powdered blush.

* The luminous formula gives a natural looking radiance to your skin.

* It gives you cheeks with a hint of color that blends effortlessly for a luminous finish.

Key Features:

* Blends effortlessly

* Even color pay off

* Excellent shading

* Luminous and silky



* Its packaging is quite attractive using and decent.

* It is packed in a plastic container with a tight lid on it so that the powder does not spill out.

* When you open the lid, you can see small little holes so that a little powder blush comes out and you can use it with brush.

* The only drawback in it is it is not in the form of cake but it is little bit powdery and the packing is not provided with any brush so you have to use your own ones.

How to Apply:

Step 1:

Ensure you apply this only after you have applied your foundation and compact.

Step 2:

Lightly swipe the brush through the blush and tap it to remove any excess.

Step 3:

Do a fish face and see the apple of your cheeks.

Step 4:

Apply the blush to the center of the apple on one side of your face, blending the color along your cheek bone.

Step 5:

Make strokes with the brush from your cheeks to the side of your face. Repeat on other cheek. 



* Its texture is very smooth and glittery with shimmer particles.

* It is sheer and light in application with color that blends naturally on all skin tones.

* It is little powdery in appearance so particles may fall here and there which may lead to wastage of product.

* Get those dreamy rose kissed princess cheeks with powder blusher and blush beautifully every day.

* It appears to be glossy but when applied it just blends into your skin with the natural oils of your skin, making your cheeks look just gorgeous.

* It’s a perfect blend of natural shade and color that builds soft layers to give your cheeks the perfect coverage.



Talking about shade its rosy pink shade that gives your cheeks a dreamy rose kissed princess cheeks like appearance.

It’s a naturally enhancing shade which is suitable for all skin types.

It is a party glitter pinky shade with shimmer particles.

The color does not look patchy.

It will stay for at least 3 hours after applying.


Its price is Rs 50/ for 7 g.


I would rate this product 7 out of 10.


Staying power:

Its staying power is not so good, it stays only for three hours after application, so touch up is required. 

Pros of Elle 18 Party Glitter Blush:

Easy to apply

* Naturally enhancing shade

* Suitable for all skin types

* Blends effortlessly

* Even color pay off

* Excellent shading

* Luminous and silky

Cons of Elle 18 Party Glitter Blush:

* Stays for a less time

* Quality is not as good as the brand claims

* Not cost effective.


Whether I will buy this product again:

No I will not buy this product again because its quality is not so good and it is not as silky and smooth as the brand claims. But overall it’s a nice product to buy and you can try it ones and you can add it to your collection.