ENVY Nail Color Review

ENVY Nail Color Review

ENVY Nail Color Review

Hello everyone…!!

Today I have come up with review of ENVY Nail Color in shade 008 i.e- Violet Pond.

If you haven’t heard about this brand, let me first familiarize you with it. ENVY is inhouse brand of the famous beauty store Health and glow, which you will find in every big city. I love buying my beauty products from health and glow because they contain stuffs from almost all the brands, so it gets easier in comparing the products. Also they contains products from makeup to skin care to health care. So it becomes my one step destination for whole shopping.

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Now let’s directly go to my review. 

ENVY Nail Color
ENVY Nail Color

Product Description:

ENVY Nail Color is just like the usual nail paints that we generally get from all brands. They have many different shades to choose from.

The shade I have is violet pond. Just as name suggests, it has kind of purple color which looks very feminine.

Directions of Usage:

Firstly, shake the bottle well. Then using the inbuilt brush given, apply the color in your nails evenly giving light strokes. Allow it to dry for around 10 minutes.

For better results you can apply a second coat after first coat dries.

ENVY Nail Color
ENVY Nail Color

Shelf Life:

2 years from the date of packaging.


Price is Rs 49/- for net weight 9ml.


ENVY Nail Color has a very usual nail polish packaging.

It comes in a glass bottle with silver colored cap. Cap is attached with inbuilt brush. Brush is of good quality which makes application easy.

Brand name and all required details are printed on the bottle.

Cap is quite sturdy which prevents leakage and makes it travel friendly.

ENVY Nail Color
ENVY Nail Color


It has a running consistency, neither very thin nor thick. It dries off quiet quickly and gives nice finish.

It has very impressive staying power. It stays on nails for almost around a week without any effects.

Fragrance is just like any other nail enamel which disappears very quickly.

ENVY Nail Color
ENVY Nail Color


Ingredients of ENVY Nail Color are not mentioned in the pack:

Pros of ENVY Nail Color:

  • Dries off quickly.
  • Gives nice finish.
  • Very pocket friendly.
  • Brush quality is quite impressive.
  • It is long lasting. Stays for around a week.
  • Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.
  • Gives quality and quantity.

Cons of ENVY Nail Color:

  • Available only in health and glow stores.
  • Ingredients are not mentioned.

My Experience of ENVY Nail Color:

I am a big fan of nail paints. I love changing the shades along with my moods. But I don’t like to spend much on nail paints because I got bored of a color very soon and then I don’t feel like applying them again.

As I said earlier, I love shopping from health and glow. So I keep visiting it often. One such day when I entered the store, first thing that I got attracted to was ENVY nail color. There were so many different shades and that too in just Rs.49 which is quite very cheap without compromising on quality.

Its staying power is quite impressive. I love this shade as it’s very attractive and stylish. I easily wear it with office looks as well as weekend looks. It makes my nails look quite bright.

I generally pair it up with different shades to create nice nail arts.

Overall I would say, that it’s quite a decent product which I really loved a lot.

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4.5 Out of 5.

Would I recommend This Product again:

Yes, I would definitely recommend this and I am definitely going to try out other shades too.

It is an awesome product in both quality as well as affordability.