Eraser Anti Marks Cream Reviews

Eraser Anti Marks Cream Reviews

Eraser Anti Marks Cream Reviews

Hello sweethearts, If you follow my posts closely, you must be aware that I am on a mission to turn by skincare routine into as nature based as possible and the also use herbal skincare products to take care of my skin’s daily needs. I usually, prefer my night creams to be slightly thick textured as compared to the creams that I use in day time. Nobody really likes thick creams but at night, your skin carries out a lot of reparative functions to undo the damage. So, it needs an extra ounce of moisture. I bought this Eraser anti-marks cream to use it as a night cream. The additional benefit it claimed of having is lightening if skin blemishes. Like everyone else, I also have a few acne scars and dark patches, here and there which, I want to get rid of, desperately..

Eraser Anti Marks Cream
Eraser Anti Marks Cream

Product description

Eraser Anti-marks Cream claims to be an effective and safe product to help you lighten your skin’s blemishes, which may be in form of, hyper pigmentation patches or spots, scars from wounds or acne, dark circles or stretch Marks. It works by means of delivering the goodness of vitamin E and it’s ayurvedic ingredients right down into damaged skin. It also makes your skin plump by helping collagen regeneration.

Directions for use :

Apply on clean face by gently massaging it till it gets absorbed


Rs.90/- for 25 grams

Eraser Anti Marks Cream
Eraser Anti Marks Cream

Shelf life:

3 years

Skin type synopsis

All skin types except oily


It comes in an ointment like tube with full product details mentioned on the tube.


It has a thick texture and needs some rubbing in to get absorbed fully into skin. It is less thick than Boroline or the traditional Nivea cream, any day, so not scaringly thick.

Eraser Anti Marks Cream
Eraser Anti Marks Cream
Eraser Anti Marks Cream
Eraser Anti Marks Cream

Pros of Eraser anti-marks cream

  • herbal product so it would not harm your skin in any way
  • works good as a night cream since it is thick textured than a lotion
  • herbal smell, no artificial smell
  • full ingredient list mentioned
  • long shelf life
  • moisturizes skin really well
  • helps lighten skin blemishes when used regularly
  • very handy packaging which can even be carried in pocket
  • leak proof pack
  • helps to reduce acne marks

Cons of Eraser anti-marks cream

  • The texture might be sticky if you have oily skin

Key ingredients

It is packed with the goodness of a lot of natural ingredients like:

wheat germ oil, haldi, neem, rose, kesar, safed chandan, tulsi, orange peel, aloe vera.. Impressive list!!

Eraser Anti Marks Cream
Eraser Anti Marks Cream

My experience with Eraser anti marks cream

Although, I admit that the cream is sticky but it does get absorbed in your skin to a good extent after massaging. I let it soak in for five minutes or so & then blot the excess oil with a tissue. Since, the cream is full of many good, natural ingredients, I do not mind it’s slightly sticky texture. It smells somewhat like ajwain and is lemon yellow to look out. To my surprise, it did not break me out. Also, each morning, my skin feels really soft and supple. Also, complexion has started to look much clearer. Nothing can totally vanish scars, to be honest but it does reduce the prominence, little bit on regular usage.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

I might repurchase it as it is all herbal. You can give it a try especially, if you have dry to normal sin. Oily skinned beauties might not like the product due to it’s thick texture. It can be used as a routine night cream.