Etude Mat Finish Pact Review

Etude Mat Finish Pact Review

Etude mat finish pact #02

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Wassup with you today? I am sorry that I haven’t been very frequent with my reviews. I hop e you have read my post on the not-so-good BeautyUK Jumbo Eye Liner & Eye Shadow Pencil though. Do let me know if you wish to hear about reviews of some particular product, in the comment box below. I shall be more than happy to help. Not wasting any further time let’s get to our today’s product review. I am back again with a review. I am so happy to be working with Makeupera. It gives me a different kind of joy to review and share my views on the products that I use and try.

Etude mat finish pact
Etude mat finish pact

Product price:

I bought this compact from a local store in my city for Rs 175/-.

Shelf life:

2 years




Missing list

Etude mat finish pact
Etude mat finish pact


The packaging is such that it can easily be slipped in the makeup kit and bags. Etude mat finish pact has a pearly pink color on the top flip and the below part is transparent. There is a separate partition between the applicator and the compact which needs to be swayed to the other side. A little mirror can be found on the other side of where the compact lies on the inside of the top flip. A lace is given on the puff applicator so that you can fit in your fingers and secure the grip of the applicator in your hand for a smooth and easy application.


The texture of this compact is very soft. It’s easy to blend it in the skin with the puff applicator provided in the packaging.

Etude mat finish pact
Etude mat finish pact

Pros of Etude Mat Finish Pact #02:

  • Blends well in the skin.
  • Shades are available to match different skin tones.
  • There is a partition between the applicator sponge and the compact.
  • Classy packaging.
  • Travel safe.
  • Doesn’t make the skin oily
  • Gives a matte finish to the skin
  • Gives a nice light skin shade
  • Doesn’t cake and sets my makeup well
  • The application puff has a lace handle to grip the applicator well.
  • Not heavy on pockets.

Cons of Etude Mat Finish Pact #02:

  • The puff applicator isn’t of very fine quality.
  • May look artificial if applied a lot.
  • No SPF.
  • Availability can be an issue.
  • Doesn’t give glow to the skin.
  • Not much information is mentioned on the packaging.
Etude mat finish pact
Etude mat finish pact

My experience with Etude Mat Finish Pact #02:

So I accidentally happened to buy this product from local store while surfing other stuff. I liked it then and so I picked it up as it wasn’t very expensive. And as you girls know I keep trying new products from average as well as good luxury brands.

The powder works like most other compacts. It gives a smooth finish to the skin. As it is a mat finish compact it also controls the oil on the skin effectively. It also sets the makeup well without caking up on it. Only a thin layer of application is needed and a lot of shades are available to pick from according t the skin tones. I have medium fair skin and so I choose shade number #02 for myself.

Overall, it’s a nice compact and does the same thing as other compacts do expect for giving glowy skin and doesn’t even have SPF.


I will rate it 7 out of 10

Will I recommend this product again?

Yeah if you want to give it a try, go for it. But I would still stick to my Lakme compacts as they are the perfect makeup setter.