Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc Review

Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc Review

Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc Review

Hello girls,

How have you been? In this part of the country we are having unexpected rains pouring and they are making weather more pleasurable and rain also brought the temperature down. So finally we can have a simple breath of relief, as I can’t take summers very easily. I just even avoid going out in the summers. So here it is enough for the weather, now I come to the product I am reviewing. Today I bought here product from Eva Company, it Eva’s fresh perfumed Deo talc. Well, I found this talc in a departmental store near me, as I found the small bottle of it; I bought it instantly, as it was not expensive and can easily buy for an experiment.  Let’s check out how this works

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Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc
Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc

Product Description of Eva fresh perfumed deo talc

This talc is from the Eva brand, they also have few more fragrances available in their talc range. This rejuvenating fragrance of this talc leaves you feeling light and fresh all day long. It also contains triclosan that protects you from body odor. So go ahead and get the flower power.

Direction for Use

Sprinkle this talc directly on your clean body. This is advised to use after a bath. You can even reapply it as per your requirement.

Shelf Life

Its shelf life is 2 years

Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc
Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc

Price & Quantity

100gm of pack is priced at 40rs

Skin Type

Suitable for all skin types


This talc comes in a blue color plastic non transparent pack. This bottle is slightly oval shaped. It has a white semi transparent cap on it, which has a flap opening. This a leak proof packaging. This size of the pack is also travel friendly and can be kept in a handbag for use.

Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc
Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc


This talc is white in color and has very smooth texture. This spreads out easily on skin. This has a mild floral fragrance. Which is pleasant not very heavy to bear. This can leave white marks on your clothes, so try to keep this in mind while applying this.

Key Ingredients

Refer to image below

Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc
Eva fresh perfumed Deo talc

Pro’s of Eva fresh perfumed deo talc

  • Reasonably priced
  • Handy packaging
  • Mild fragrance
  • Easily available

Con’s of Eva fresh perfumed deo talc

  • Doesn’t stay long
  • Not very effective against body odor

My Experience with Eva fresh perfumed deo talc

My experience with this talc has been just average. When I use talc I expect it to keep my body odor away, and keep me fragrant for a long time. But this didn’t go well with any of these. I really don’t like to use deodorant as they pinch my skin so I always try to replace it with good talc. This talc has a mild fragrance, but it doesn’t stay long for me, neither it is more effective to keep the body odor away, as my regular talc. So for me it was just talc which I can use just here or there or in a time when I won’t have my regular talc in stock. As it works just ok for me.


I would rate this product 3/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Not really, it’s just an average product which can be used when you are out of stock of your regular talc.