Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub Review

Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub Review

Everyuth naturals ultra mild scrub review

Hello beauties,

How’s everything going on? You must have noticed that I haven’t done any review on any scrub till now, as I do not like scrubs very much, the feeling of those scrub particles rubbing against my sensitive skin makes me feel like removing it instantly. I always found scrubbing a difficult task. Then I found one ultra mild scrub from everyuth which is for daily use and makes scrubbing an easier task for me as scrubbing is really necessary to remove all the dead skin from the face, otherwise they will make way for pimples, blackheads and a darker skin tone. So guys get ready to check how this ultra mild scrub works

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Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub
Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub

Product Description of Everyuth naturals ultra mild scrub

This ultra mild scrub is from the everyuth naturals brand, they have their other scrub available too in the market. This scrub has ultra mild scrubbing action for daily use. Our skin needs to breathe daily. This scrub has micro granules that unclog pores and gently scrub away skin impurities, dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads and leaves skin fresh, healthy and smooth.

Direction for Use

First of all wet face and neck, apply scrub and massage skin with a brisk circular motion for about 2 minutes. Rinse and pat dry. Avoid the eye area, if by mistake it goes into eyes, wash them immediately. For best results this is recommended for daily use. Before using scrub wash your face with a good face wash.

Key Ingredients

Refer to image

Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub
Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub

Shelf Life

Its shelf life is 3 years

Price & Quantity

125gm of the tube is priced at 90rs

Skin Type

Suitable for normal to sensitive skin types.


This scrub comes in a light yellow color tube, which has a light orange color cap with flap opening.  This tube is handy and leak proof. So you can travel with it, but keeping this in handbag can be a bit of a problem because of its size.


Its texture is smooth, creamy and light orange in the shade. It has very small orange color scrub particles in it. It has a very light distinctive smell to it like all other everyuth scrubs. Its small particles don’t bother skin much, but clean it properly.

Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub
Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub

Pro’s of Everyuth naturals ultra mild scrub

  • Leak proof packaging
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • can be used daily without damaging skin

Con’s of Everyuth naturals ultra mild scrub

  • It has a fragrance which might be not liked by everyone
  • Needs to be used daily for clear skin
Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub
Everyuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub

My Experience with Everyuth naturals ultra mild scrub

My experience with this scrub has been good. I have very sensitive skin and if I try to scrub it with normal scrubs they irritate my skin and it turns red after use, so I quite didn’t like scrubbing my face earlier but because of that I started having blackhead problems. This everyuth naturals ultra mild scrub is very mild and its scrub particles are also small in size so they don’t bother my skin. So my skin is happy now and I can use it every day as it doesn’t make me look red on face :-). People who don’t want to use scrub daily and they use scrubs once in a week or so, they should opt for other options as its mild action won’t be appropriate for their excessive skin clearing requirements.


I would rate this product 4.5/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes, I would surely suggest this product, especially for sensitive skin people.