Faces Nail Enamel Remover Reviews

Faces Nail Enamel Remover Reviews

Faces Nail Enamel Remover Reviews

Hello sweethearts.

Wish you a happy Wednesday. I heard a lot of good reviews about the movie Tanu weds Manu returns but haven’t got time to go and watch it due to my busy schedule. However, I am eagerly waiting for Dil Dhadakne Doo to release this Friday.

Anyways enough of Bollywood gossip, let’s get back to our review. Today I will be reviewing a nail polish remover from Faces. Faces is a popular brand originating from Canada. Over the years it has marked its place in the cosmetic world in India and many other countries. Previously I reviewed an eye liner from this brand house. I have also been a fan of our conventional Lakme nail polish remover but this time I wanted to try out a new remover so bought this from the Faces counter. Read on to know if it is any better.

Faces Nail Enamel Remover
Faces Nail Enamel Remover

Product description:

  • Acetone free
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Does not dry nails

Product price and quantity:

INR 99 for 30 ml

Shelf life:

2 years from the date of manufacture

Faces Nail Enamel Remover
Faces Nail Enamel Remover


Ethyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Demineraliszed water, Tocopheryl Acetate, D&C Violet 2 Cl 67025.


Faces Canada nail polish remover comes in a small glass bottle. The light pink colored content is visible through the transparent bottle. The bottle is tightly shut by the white colored screw cap. What concerns me is that the glass bottle isn’t safe enough for travelling. Behind the bottle is given the product information in black lettering.


The remover liquid is light pink in color and smells strongly like a typical nail remover. On dabbing a little on the cotton pad, the liquid comes out of the hole that you have to put with a sharp item on its plastic cap.

Faces Nail Enamel Remover
Faces Nail Enamel Remover

Pros of Faces Nail Enamel Remover:

  • Cute miniature packaging
  • Easily available
  • Little quantity lasts long
  • Clears simple nail paints easily
  • Acetone free
  • Contains Vitamin E

Cons of Faces Nail Enamel Remover:

  • Not travel safe
  • Strong unpleasant smell
  • A little pricey considering its only a nail polish remover
  • Cannot effortlessly remove glitter and crackle nail paints
  • Harsh on cuticles, makes them dry after use
  • Very mild formula
Faces Nail Enamel Remover
Faces Nail Enamel Remover

My experience with Faces Nail Enamel Remover:

Like most other times, this was also an impulse purchase. We all have used the Lakme nail polish remover at least once in our life and have also loved it. But then after the remover market has expanded a lot and almost all the brands have launched nail enamel removers.

The remover comes in a thick glass bottle but still I don’t find it travel safe as you never know when the glass may break in your bag and I am sure none of us want clothes that smell of strong nail polish remover. However, the light pink color of the remover looks quite pretty.

It claims to be acetone free which is a thumbs up. We all know how harsh acetone is on nails and cuticles. So I was really happy to find that this one is an acetone free nail polish remover. However, it’s very mild and so it requires to be swiped multiple times to completely get off the nail paint from the nails. Since, it is mild and acetone free it takes patience and effort to get off the crackle and glitter nail paints.


I will rate it 6 out of 10

Will I recommend it again?

I believe there are better options available in the market at better prices.