Fair and lovely BB Cream Reviews

Fair and lovely BB Cream Reviews

Fair and lovely BB Cream Reviews

Hello guys.. It’s been quite a few days since I come up with any product review for you. Today I have got a new product which is good to use in daily routine. It’s from “fair and lovely” the name of the product is “fair and lovely BB cream”. Though I have never tried any product from this company but as I wanted to buy a new BB Cream, I choose this one. The reason behind choosing this cream was the small and handy packaging of the product. It is so small that it can easily come in your fist. You may read further for more details.

Fair and lovely BB Cream
Fair and lovely BB Cream

Product Description 

The new Fair and lovely BB Cream is an expert and intelligently made product that helps to bring the magic of foundation and multivitamin fairness cream in a single tube. 

Direction For Use 

Apply this on a cleansed face.

Open the screw cap and apply the cream directly on the spot you want to lighten up.

One more way is to apply this cream on the whole face by putting small dots on the cheek bone, fore head, chin and nose. Then spread this cream by moving your hands in a circular motion and tapping thereafter.

Shelf Life 

shelf life is not more than 6 months. 

Fair and lovely BB Cream
Fair and lovely BB Cream


Rupees 49 only! 🙂  pretty budget friendly 


As I mentioned that the reason behind buying this cream was its cute and handy packaging. I just love cute stuff.

The product comes in a small plastic tube with a screw type plastic cap. The nozzle of the tube is thin and long to give an ease to apply directly on the spot.


The fair and lovely BB Cream has a thick and creamy texture, which extends the staying power of the cream. The coverage of the cream is really good. It also has a kind of soothing and light smell, like a normal fairness cream. Moreover this smell stays up to 20 minutes. The color of the cream is tinted (as it is meant to be for fair complexion) .

Fair and lovely BB Cream
Fair and lovely BB Cream
Fair and lovely BB Cream
Fair and lovely BB Cream

Key Ingredients 

Mentioned below

Fair and lovely BB Cream
Fair and lovely BB Cream

Pros of fair and lovely BB Cream

  • Its handy
  • It’s cute
  • The coverage of the cream is really good
  • The tinted color of the cream suits all fair tone
  • The cream has Low Price and high quality
  • It is foundation+ fairness cream
  • It goes with its promise of instant makeup look
  • It is not at all heavy on face
  • The formulation is Matte and non- oily
  • The BB Cream Comes with sun protection and SPF 15 which is really good in this price.!
  • The product also hides blemishes and covers dark spots  

Cons fair and lovely BB Cream

  • The quantity is just 9g 

    Fair and lovely BB Cream
    Fair and lovely BB Cream

My Experience with fair and lovely BB Cream

Well, like always, I went out with my sister to buy a face wash and Instead came home with this “fair and lovely BB Cream” Lol! I have used this cute little cream for 3 days and it has really fascinated me with its results. It is really good for daily use for an instant fairer look. Though I have a fair complexion already but i do not feel that there is any harm in getting fairer.  The cream blends well on the face. Usually cosmetics do not suit my skin on a daily go, but this cream did not show any side effects on my face. It retains on the face for about 3 hours if I do not wash my face then it goes for about 5 hours. The coverage area of the cream is wide enough as just a single dot covers my whole cheek! The color is neither too dark nor to fair and gives your skin a natural fair look rather than appearing on the face like a white mask. I just loved the cream as it’s cheap, its handy, its good to apply, suits my “extra sensitive skin”.



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Of course! No doubt you must use it!