fashion in monsoon review

fashion in monsoon review

Fashion in Monsoon Review

Hi guys I am here again with a new episode of fashion in dress for the monsoon season.

Leather jackets and trench coats are very much in fashion these days. Trench coats for woman and leather jackets suits them well  and goes perfect with any kind of attire, whether pants, jeans or skirts. You may opt for perfectly fitted leather jackets, to flatter outfit, as well as your body figure.

Leather Jackets are available in wide range or variety, ranging form low to high price. Some leather jackets and trench coats are as expensive as $500. But you can also find many cheap and quality products in the market easily these days.

If you are looking for some stunning trench coats and leather jackets at a fair economy, then you may prefer some online store, as they provide great discounts and offers.

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Style and Color


Leather jackets are not only categorized as per their prices; but they are also sorted out and classified as per their made, style and the color. The length is also one of the vital factors that should be taken into consideration, while buying a trench coat.

There are generally two types of lengths available for woman:

  1. Waist length
  2. Three quarter length.

Both look similarly stylish and trendy. But nowadays, the one that has quite a small length, i.e. it just finishes right above your hips, is quite in fashion.

The black and brown are most common colors available for trench coats and leather jackets. But you can easily find long colorful leather jackets for daytime wear. These wear include color combinations of gray, khaki, and charcoal, red, beige, orange, burgundy and more.

Red Leather Jackets


Red leather jackets are quite in vogue these days. The red leather jackets made for womanhood only make you look stylish and trendy, but it also reflects a unique style sense. These leather jackets can be worn anywhere, whether for formal occasion or for informal occasion. Hence these jackets for woman are getting so much popular nowadays. Red is considered to be the only color, that is is often associated with women. Therefore, whether you are a young college going girl or a professional working lady, or married women who takes care of the household, this particular accessory is precisely designed for you to reflect your womanhood.

Types of Leather Jackets


There is wide range of collection to choose from; you can go for the one that provides you comfort and also suits your style. Normally leather jackets for women are available in the following styles:

  1. Front Pockets Style
  2. Elastic Waist Style
  3. Side Pockets
  4. Without Pockets
  5. Zip Out Liners.
  6. With Belt for fitted look
  7. Funk Look (with chains)
  8. The Studs Style
  9. The Hoodie Style
  10. The ones with embellishments.

Material and Fashion


Women leather jackets are mostly made up of:

  • Bison Leather
  • Cow Skin
  • Camel Skin
  • Crocodile and alligator leather
  • Sheep Skin.

There are varieties of designer leather jackets available to give you a much sportier look. These leather jackets are generally adorned with studs to give a stunning look. For highly trendy looks you may opt for:

  • Nu buck Jackets
  • Fur trimmed jackets
  • Suede Jackets.

Try something on you from the latest collections from the nearby malls.