Figaro Olive Hair Oil Reviews

Figaro Olive Hair Oil Reviews

Figaro Olive Hair oil Reviews

Hey girls.. It has been quite long since I talked to you guys about some hair care products. Today, in my write-up, I will be talking in detail about my experience & opinion about the Figaro Olive Oil.

I have been using this brand of Olive oil since my childhood days but somehow, never thought of reviewing it. As far as, I remember, it has I don’t tin packing with same graphics since Almost 20 years but their quality has never deteriorated. This Olive oil serves a dual purpose since, it can be used for skin care as well as hair care.

Figaro Olive Hair Oi
Figaro Olive Hair Oi


Rs.438 for 500 ml (458 gm)


it comes in a tin box in Dark green color with certain graphics & Product details mentioned on it. It has a opening on top that can be pulled out to dispense the product. There is a screw type cap with this tin.

Key Ingredients:

Refined olive oil and virgin olive oil (free from argemone oil)

Figaro Olive Hair Oi
Figaro Olive Hair Oi

Shelf Life:

36 months

Pros of Figaro Olive Hair oil

  • The Figaro olive oil has multiple uses for skin care & Hair care.
  • It is not too sticky or thick in texture so, comfortable to put on even at night time.
  • It deep conditions & nourishes your hair from roots to tips making them soft, silky and frizz free
  • Easily availability even at chemist shops, cosmetic stores, grocery stores and even online.
  • Can be used to massage baby’s skin as well as your own skin.
  • Can be used as a makeup remover as it easily melts eye makeup product like eyeliners, mascara etc.
  • It can even be used as a face cleanser to remove dirt before using your face wash. This causes double cleansing and makes your skin appear squeaky clean.
  • long shelf life
  • can be used for cooking purposes also as the packaging mentions nutritional facts, too
  • fragrance free so, would not irritate sensitive nose.

Cons of Figaro Olive Hair oil

  • It would be much more user friendly in a bottle with flip open cap
  • Expensive as compared to other oils available out there in market
  • Might stain pillow cases due to the light greenish tinge so, you better spread a towel over your pillow if you are leaving on this hair oil overnight.
  • the packaging is not spill proof so, you cannot be sure about it while travelling with this multipurpose oil
Figaro Olive Hair Oi
Figaro Olive Hair Oi

My experience with Figaro Olive Hair oil

This Olive oil is light in texture and easy to apply to the roots & Length of hair. It is not artificially fragranced. It has a natural, mild scent. It is light goldenish in colour. It can even be used in cooking. You can use it for dressing salads. On hair, it works great to soften & Smoothen your hair while also helping in reducing dandruff.

It works great to cure dry skin patches in winters. I also use it as a makeup cleanser as it dissolves even stubborn eye & Lip makeup like magic. It has anti bacterial & Anti ageing properties, too so, do massage a few drops of it on your face before retiring to bed at night to maintain the elasticity of your skin. It did not break me put into  zits & Pimples ever, even though, I have a combination skin with oily T zone.

Figaro Olive Hair Oi
Figaro Olive Hair Oi


4/5 Minus one for the packaging

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Surely, I will repurchase the figaro olive oil. I have been religiously using it Since my childhood days and would continue use for as long as I possibly can.