FixDerma Foot Cream Review

FixDerma Foot Cream Review

FixDerma Foot Cream Review

Hello ladies!

Do you take good care of your feet? Do you even know how easily your feet can lose their natural softness and become callused and cracked like brick kiln worker’s hands? It is high time you started caring for them like you care for all the other parts of your body, because as the years go by, it becomes even harder to roll back the damage that has already been done.

Fix derma foot cream is a special foot cream from dry, cracked or calloused foot skin. With its triple moisturizer action the results are quite good. It is non-greasy so you don’t feel uncomfortable after applying.


FixDerma Foot Cream
FixDerma Foot Cream

Urea:  15%

Lactic acid:  5%

White Petroleum jelly:  5%

Sorbitol:  5%

Cyclomethicone:  1%

Menthol:  0.5%

Allantonin: 0.5%

Cream base 

It’s the only brand of foot cream that has a 15% concentration of Urea. The true advantage of this is discussed later on.

Product Description:

This foot cream is the ultimate cure for dry, cracked or calloused heels and soles. It repairs cracked heels while at the same time it soothes and rehydrates your skin. Its high concentration of urea goes a long way in achieving this. The reason why urea concentration is so important is because it a key component of the human body’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF). This is the reason why scientists call it a true humectant.

FixDerma Foot Cream
FixDerma Foot Cream

It causes dry and hardened skin cells to unpack and reveal their water binding locations, thus allowing those cells to reabsorb water molecules and protect the additional moisture absorbed. This process is called hydrotopicsolubilization in layman’s terms, and has been proved by several independent studies and clinical trials to be an effective process.

  • Lactic acid is a powerful humectant as well.
  • Menthol and Allantoninare known to be powerful antiseptics.
  • Cyclomethicone acts as an effective skin conditioner.
  • Petroleum jelly and liquid paraffin are good lubricants.
    FixDerma Foot Cream
    FixDerma Foot Cream

How to Use:

Apply to your feet in soft outward circular movements, and allow it to be fully absorbed into your skin before you use them again. Apply twice daily for best results. Store it in a cool dry place, at temperatures below 30oC, but do not freeze under any conditions.

My Experience

You can use it as an everyday foot moisturizer, no questions asked. It’s perfect for use as a winter care cream as well as for summers. It takes a little time to show effects, but you’ll notice smoother heels and soles after 3 weeks of daily use at least.

FixDerma Foot Cream
FixDerma Foot Cream


  • Good value for money
  • Effective in what it does
  • Medium to fast acting speed.
  • Moisturizes your feet well


  • You have to use it at least twice daily
  • It’s not a magical product, but then again no product is. You need to take care of your feet as well if you want its healing properties to work, like protecting it from dirt up to 2 hours after u have applied it. Using slippers or stockings helps.
  • Is a bit greasy and makes your soles sweat.

Will I use it again?

I will, though I do not know if I have the discipline to carry on using it every day. It is perfect for use in winters though as a pre-emptive measure.