get clear and moisturizing skin

get clear and moisturizing skin

How to get clear and moisturizing skin:

* Palmolive Aroma is a shower gel which acts as a morning tonic for skin.

* It’s a soap free gel and contains tangerine essential oils and lemongrass extracts which moisturizes the skin.

* I use this when I don’t want to use a lotion or body moisturizer after bath.

* Generally in summer we don’t like to use moisturizer for skin.

* In these days you can use this morning tonic that is shower gel which makes you skin looks clean and clear and little moisturized.

* so you don’t feel like applying any body lotion.

* So awake your senses with an energizing aroma under the shower, with uplifting lemony notes.

* Its formulae is infused with tangerine essential oil and boosting lemongrass extract which helps to stimulate your mind and spirit in a blissful shower moment. 


* Once upon a time we use to use soap to cleanse our skin.

* But now a day’s eight out of ten people use shower gels for bathing.

* Actually gels first appeared in British bathrooms in the seventies.

* Today some 200 million bottles are sold in Britain every year.

* You will struggle to find a shower gel that admits what it is really intended for: as a way of removing dirt, sweat and grease.

* Long gone are the days of explicit adverts for lifebuoy the soap that said “No to Bo”.

* But if Britain has gone crazy for shower gel, with an estimated 200 million bottles sold in the UK each year, there are signs of rebellion.

* But now days in India also there has been a trend of using shower gel for bathing.

* This product is just Muaaahh … 🙂 🙂

* one should really try this product once and really you are going to love it.


I would rate this product 8 as its fragrance and color is just wow. 



Those who prefer gels say they are happy to put up with the extra expense for the sake of convenience: unlike soap, they don’t leave scum or mess around the shower, and small amounts go a long way.

Its texture is so good that with a drop it forms so much of lather.

What I feel about this product:

I personally feel if a product has association of being refreshing in the morning or relaxing in the evening, it can be a genuine bonus for the consumer, it might help people feel relaxed or refreshed.

Some of that association is intrinsic in the ingredients of gel, but much of it is created through advertising.

It is having a pleasing smell which makes you feel amazing.

So beauties what you say, I think you should try this product once.

Directions for use:


* Palmolive aroma shower gel can be used with a loofah or by hand.

* Pour a little Palmolive aroma shower gel on your wet loofah.

* Apply gently over wet skin.

* For best results, use loofah to work up rich, fragrant lather before rinsing off.


* It has a light and sweet smell of lemon grass extracts and tangerine essential oils.

* Its fragrance is just irresistible.

* This shower gel also has a slight tint of citrus fruit extract which is very light and feels so good.

* It contains some essential oils still it is not as much oily but very soft and our skin feels so cleans a moisturized after use.

Color:  It has a light green color with a sweet fruity smell of citrus fruit extract.



Price is Rs 145 for 250ml


Whether I will use this product again: This is a fabulous product and I personally like it so will use it again and again as it suits my skin.

By Kuls. 🙂 🙂