How to get Nourishing Glow

How to get Nourishing Glow

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Lakme clean up face wash:

*Lakme clean up face wash cleanses each pore from deep within and extracts impurities.

*It is infused with complex vitamins and powered by continuous release technology.

*It concentrates on giving you visibly nourished and radiant skin.


Direction for use:

  • Squeeze out a coin-sized amount of the face wash on your palms and lather up.
  • Gently massage your wet face for 30-60 seconds to give it time to dissolve dirt, makeup and oil. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • Use it at least twice daily for clean, soft, and glowing skin.
  • Don’t forget to apply the Scrub & Mask for best results.

Lakme Reinvent:

Follow these three steps to reinvent your skin

Step 1 Wash: Cleanse

Cleaning is the first step to a salon cleans up.


It is important to first get the surface dirt and impurities away to prepare your skin for deep cleansing experience.

Cleansing with face wash creates the perfect base for a clean-up.

Step 2 Scrub: Exfoliate

After washing away the surface dirt and impurities, the 2 nd step is exfoliation – which is like a salon like clean up.

This is because your skin is currently shedding cells, which leads to a buildup of dead cells, making it look dull.

With the help of scrub, you can exfoliate dead cells; unclog pores and removes excess oil and blackheads.

This is difficult to achieve with an ordinary face wash- as a scrub has special ingredients which ensures that the dead cells get sloughed off.


Step 3 Mask: Lock In

Its important to remove all the impurities from our skin ,before we can move to the 3rd step.

Now the last step of your clean-up is applying the mask.

The easy to rinse off mask helps deposit nourishing nutrients in your skin cells and then lock these nutrients in tightening and reduces pores giving you the perfect clean up look.


Always follow a clean-up with an application of sunscreen in the morning or a moisturizer at night.

This will help you to give a nourishing glow to your skin.


Infused with strawberry extracts & glycerin for that irresistible glow.


Features of this product:

* It contains strawberry extracts.

* It is suitable for all skin types.

* Available in 25 gm,50 gm. and 100 gm.


It is having a strawberry red color which makes it so attractive.


Its fragrance is exactly like strawberry

It just smells wow when you open the cap for use.

It contains some strawberry extracts, beads which burst when you apply to give freshness.

And you feel so fresh and nourishing after use.


It is so smooth to touch, and you feel little tingling after application.

Its regular use gives you naturally glowing and nourished skin.



Price:  Rs 45 for 25 gm.



I will rate this product 9 as it is lovely product I have ever used.

Lakme is a great brand and I don’t think I will have to tell anything about its quality.

It is one of my favorite brands in cosmetics.

I always use lakme colossal kajal, eyeliner, lipstics

But Lakeme cleanup face wash is a new launched product in market.


What I feel about this product:

I was always in search of a face wash that will suit my skin, and finally I came to know about this product in market.

So from first day I started using this product as it suits my skin, making it so soft, supple and smooth to touch.

So beauties what you say, I think everyone should try this product once.

Follow the complete three step ritual and get flaunt worthy skin every day.

At a beauty salon, a cleanup service is the answer to deep cleansing, it ensures that we come out fresh faced and completely transformed.

Lakme 3 step ritual allows you to do salon like clean up at home, so go ahead and step out with a salon like clean up in just 3 simple steps as described above.