Get rid of tanning in summers

Get rid of tanning in summers

Get rid of tanning in summers

Hii Girlsss…. I am kawalnain kaur here again… hope you all are doing good 🙂 girls today I am here with the home remedy … yes home remedy our granny used to use home remedies 🙂 and today I am here with how to get rid of tanning naturally…summer is official season for tanning.. whatever you do like sunscreens , scarfs, shades, umbrella you always get tanning or dark spots by hook or crook 😀 there is no escaping tan in scorching hot summers even with sun blocks.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays increase Production of melanin in the body, which results in sun tanned skin. After getting a sun tan, it is not easy to bring your skin back to a normal state but with patience and care it can be done. Whatever you do you always ending up with ugly dark spots and patches. Well try these home remedies to get rid of tanning instead of spending money on expensive products.

Potatoes and tomatoes

Potatoes and tomatoes both work as a natural bleach and soothes sunburn. Peel both of them blend and mix their juices and apply on face and other exposed areas. It will give you itching because both of them helps to cut your tanning… Tomatoes are very good for your skin whether you want to cure large pores or reduce acne and rashes or sooth nasty sunburn or simply to revive the glow on dull skin, tomatoes are beneficial in many homemade beauty treatments and potatoes have an important role to play in skincare as well. As pointed out earlier, they are rich in vitamin C which is vital for maintaining skin health. Thus, this starchy vegetable is beneficial for your skin. After 15-20 min wash off with the Luke water and pat dry your face.



If you take a whiff of mint, you can experience its cool, refreshing aroma. Imagine how your skin might feel if it were smoothed and caressed with .The sensation can be addictive. Many people enjoy its taste in chewing gum, a cup of tea or other foods. But most people probably don’t think of mint as something that can improve their health and beauty. Take few leaves of mint and grind them into paste and apply it for 25-30 min and rinse it. Try this pack for 3 times in a week … you will feel your skin fresh ,cool and tanning spot free .. Trust me it works  🙂



The zinc and lactic acid contained in yogurt is responsible for promoting healthy skin. A gentle massage with yogurt into the skin is sure to help remove dead skin cells, smooth out the fine lines, tighten pores, hydrate dry patches, give a much-required shine and glow…it helps you to get rid of tanning , redness, dark spots and gives you beautiful smooth skin 🙂 you can take yogurt mix with little Besan and you can also add rose water to freshen up your skin. Apply this pack onto your face for 30- 35 mints and massage it slowly while rinse off with the Luke water.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera considered to be useful for curing injuries and burns, minor skin disease, abnormal growths, all forms of diabetes, increased blood fats in human beings… it also helps in tanning and dark spots. Aloe Vera whitens your skin naturally and instantly if applied daily in affected areas… you just need to apply Aloe Vera on exposed or affected area and rinse off with in 20 minutes… You will automatically see the magic 🙂




Last but not least cucumber we have in our list… Cucumber contains 95% of water which keeps the skin hydrated and well moisturized. Its seeds are rich in Vitamin E and potassium which help in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of ageing… The raw fruit is also used in many beauty parlors in facial processes to reduce wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. Apply cucumber juice and lime juice with a pinch of turmeric in it for 30 min and rinse off with cold water and pat dry.. you will feel your skin glow at the same time fresh and cool 🙂

Cucumber on White

Hope you like home remedies for tanning and dark spots 🙂 I will be glad if you share your reviews with me… Thank you 🙂