how to get soft skin

how to get soft skin

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How To Keep Your Skin Soft And Supple?

Vedantika herbals Rose sandal face wash Review


A face wash has become pretty much a quintessential component of any working person’s life.

The Superficial Qualities


The product comes in a lightweight plastic bottle, which has a pump dispenser at the top. It’s sturdy in build, to say the least.It’s always preferable to have a pump dispenser instead of your traditional tube like packs, as it helps in economizing the amounts you dole out for a single wash.

It is a clear gel like fluid, transparent in color, and a slightly runny consistency. The fragrance is, Surprise, surprise, that of roses and sandalwood. Well, to be honest, the smell of sandalwood is kind of overpowering and almost assaults your olfactory senses.

The Inside Story: Ingredients



Well, a cursory glance at the back label will tell you all you need to know about what it contains. It has a variety of active herbal extracts, like Rose flower oil, Sandalwood oil whose Ayurvedic properties are well documented.

Where it edges out its other competitors, is the inclusion of Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera, in its raw form has a very irritating smell, but in spite of that, its regenerative properties are out of this world.

Rose flower oil can treat dry or sensitive skin, while increasing blood circulation to your facial skin, brightening it and leaving a soft glow, while sandalwood oil is known from its cooling properties.

It literally draws the heat out of your pores and leaves a cooling effect like menthol. Sandalwood also possesses healing properties that get rid of dead cells from your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Aloe Vera gel, its other constituent, promotes cell growth and healing of damaged subcutaneous tissues and muscles. It is also responsible for increasing hydration, which can leave your skin looking younger after habitual use.



  1. It’s a very gentle concoction which doesn’t cause any acne to break out on your skin or other allergic reactions to occur.
  2. It’s suitable for all skin types too, and both men and women are included in this regard.
  3. Very effective at removing dirt and dust particles from your facial skin!

It has the added benefit of being a good moisturizer though you cannot use it replace your regular moisture. What I am trying to say is, the dryness that is common after you use any other face wash is absent here. And it moisturizes any dry patches you might have. It has no notable side effects to speak of. You can use it even in winter as it won’t dry out your skin while taking all the oil off.



None as such, except that it is very hard to find unless you order it online. Also, you need to use it every 3-4 hours because that’s how long it takes for your skin to become oily again.



Since its gel based, it is perfect for oily skin as well and doesn’t have any side effects.
Last but not the least; it is very easy to carry, due to its compact size.