Habibs Hair Serum Review

Habibs Hair Serum Review

Habibs Hair Serum Review

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How you all are doing? I hope, you all are fine and doing great in your fields. If you have curly hairs, then today’s post will be really helpful for you. Today, my post is on the Habibs Hair Serum. This serum is specially designed for curly and dry hairs.  The one who faces problems like knots in the hair, breakage and difficult to comb hair, all these kinds of the problem have the common solution that is Habibs Hair Serum. My last post was on Flame Nail polish Remover with Vitamin E Review

Habibs Hair Serum
Habibs Hair Serum

Product Description of Habibs Hair Serum Review

The Habibs Hair Serum provides nourishment to the dry hairs. As a resultant, you will get tangle free hair, with shine and lustre.  Excellent care for split ends.

Direction for Use

For best results, apply it after the final rinse. Take a few drops of the serum like coin size of drops and move your hand on the hair from top to bottom. Don’t apply it on the very wet hair, it may feel you like you have taken some weight on your head.

Key Ingredients

Habibs Hair Serum
Habibs Hair Serum

Shelf Life

Three years

Price & Quantity

Rs 240 for 100 ml


In the first look, the bottle looks like it is made up of glass, but it is designed by the plastic material. The color of the bottle is blue combined with sliver strip of paper, where all the information is written. The packaging is simple to use and looks decent.

Habibs Hair Serum
Habibs Hair Serum


The consistency of the liquid is good. Means, if you take it on your hand, it will run down easily. 

Pons of Habibs Hair Serum Review

  • When you comb after applying this serum, you will find no hair breakage.
  • Girls who have short hairs can easily coverable with the small amount of the serum.
  • Reduces frizzing of the hair.
  • Make your hair shine.
  • It also protects from the heat of the sun.
  • The left amount in the bottle can be easily seen.
  • It leaves the smell behind which smell like the flower.
  • The packaging is decent, easy to use and handle.
  • The cork on the top of the bottle prevents leakage.
  • It works for a long time.

Cons of Habibs Hair Serum Review

  • The consistency is a little bit thick, which demand extra rubbing. If not rubbed properly, it may be not spread evenly.
  • Need to pay high attention, while applying the serum on the hair. In case, you mistakenly applied more amount of the serum, your hair may look oily.
  • Although, the package is user-friendly, but it has a screw lid which is sometime difficult to open.
  • The ingredient list is missing.
  • Over use of the serum can make your hair sticky.

My Experience Habibs Hair Serum Review

This serum is used by my friend as she has curly hair and she is the regular user of this product. As far as my opinion, I have seen the good impact on my friend’s hair. So, if you have curly hair then this can be the best solution.


I would like to give 8 out 10 to this product.

Whether I would recommend Habibs Hair Serum Review

I will recommend this product. This is the end of my post. Hope you like the review, and may you find it helpful for hair treatment. To make me know you thought, please do make use of comment box. And yes, don’t forget to Look “Stylish and Spicy”.