Hair chalk Red Review

Hair chalk Red Review

Hair chalk red Review

Heya all you pretty ladies…!!!

While I am penning down this review for you today, it’s raining heavy outside. The voice of the pouring rain is so soothing to me that afternoon naps have become even more peaceful. Today I am reviewing a new kind of product that has been in trend recently called hair chalks. Hair chalks are an easy, inexpensive and quick way of temporarily coloring the hair. One can use by oneself without having to go to salons and spend heavy price for that streak of colored hair. Hair chalks are inexpensive and therefore you can afford to buy a lot of colors and experiment with them. Go bold with multi colored hair or stick to the red and pink hair streaks, either way you can easily rock any hair look you desire. Hair chalks are easy to apply and remove. It’s a revolutionary product so let’s get in details of this red hair chalk that I have tried.

Hair chalk Red
Hair chalk Red

Product price:

Rs 150/-

Shelf life:

2 years


The list is missing.

Hair chalk Red
Hair chalk Red


This particular hair chalk comes in a pan packaging. It’s sleek and travel friendly. It has a transparent flip cap that shuts tightly with a click. The pan case comes in a black colored outer cardboard packaging with all the product details mentioned behind.


The texture of this hair chalk is creamy-powdery. It’s well pigmented and glides easily on damp hair. However you will have to rub/twist the hair several times in the case to get deep color.

Hair chalk Red
Hair chalk Red

Pros of Hair Chalk red:

  • Easy to apply
  • Budget friendly
  • Available in variety of shades
  • Fun product
  • Quick solution to get colored hair
  • Looks beautiful if applied in the right manner
  • Buildable color
  • Lasts long
  • Travel safe
  • Can be done on own
  • Less time consuming
  • No special salon visit is required
  • Easy to remove

Cons of Hair Chalk red:

  • The color keeps wearing off when you move your hands on the colored streak of hair.
  • Can get a little messy and spoil clothes if not done properly.
  • Availability can be a trouble.
Hair chalk Red
Hair chalk Red

My experience with Hair Chalk red:

I bought this red hair chalk from a local store in my city. I had previously heard and read a lot of it on blogosphere so when I saw it at a store; I immediately picked the shade red for me to try. I have always loved getting colored extensions attached to my hair and so this was fun for me.

I damp my hair a little with the help of spray bottle and then section by section twist my hair on the color pan until I get the desired color. I then allow it to dry. After a few minutes when the hair and color gets dry, I use a hot iron on it so as to seal the color. The biggest drawback of this hair chalk is that every time I move my hand over the colored streak of hair, a little color deposits on my hand. The color starts to wear off every time I move my hand on it. Otherwise, it’s easy and fun product to try on hair without having to go to salon or spending a lot of money.


Looking at all the pros and cons, I will rate it 7 out of 10.

Will I recommend it again?

Yeah, if you love experimenting with your hair I suggest you to give this one a try. A lot of colors are available to choose from so go play with your hair a little and figure out what suits you.