Hesh Amla Powder Review

Hesh Amla Powder Review

Hesh Amla Powder Review

Hello everyone,

Yes, my today’s review is not limited to the girls only. I am going to review a product today, which actually I came to know from one of my male relative only. This is an amla powder from hesh, he is being used this amla powder pack for years to give his hair shine, softness and natural conditioning. He also claims that this amla powder gives the natural black color to his hair. So, this much dedication and love towards a product made me really interested in it, and I decided to give this a try to get herbal nourishment for my hair. Let’s have a look how this product works

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Hesh Amla Powder
Hesh Amla Powder

Product Description of Hesh amla powder

The Hash amla powder is made from dried amla in its purest form with no additives or chemicals. It can be used for both hair care as well as skin care.

Direction for Use

Take required quantity of powder, add little water. Mix well and make a thick paste. Gently massage into your hair with rotating finger tips. Keep this in hair for 30 to 45 minutes. Don’t let it dry completely. Wash is thoroughly with water. This can be used as a skin care product too, as per your skin requirements. This is a natural product, so it is advised to do an allergy test on your skin before you start using this.

Hesh Amla Powder
Hesh Amla Powder

Shelf Life

Its shelf life is 36 months

Price & Quantity

100gm of pack is priced at 40rs

Skin Type

Natural product, suitable for all skin types


This amla powder comes in a green paper package. Inside it is packed in plastic packaging. This is advised to empty the content into a leak proof box to avoid it from getting spoiled. As after opening the pack this can spoil.

Hesh Amla Powder
Hesh Amla Powder


This amla powder is light brown in color, once you add water, it turns dark brown.  This does not form a very smooth paste; you can feel some particles in it. It has amla fragrance in it. For me, it’s very light and refreshing as all citric small makes me feel refreshed instantly.

Key Ingredients

Refer to image below

Hesh Amla Powder
Hesh Amla Powder

Pros of Hesh amla powder

  • Reasonably priced
  • Natural ingredient
  • Can be used for both hair and skin care

Cons of Hesh amla powder

  • Not very user friendly packaging
  • Using it is a messy job
  • Fragrance might not be liked by all
Hesh Amla Powder
Hesh Amla Powder

My Experience with Hesh amla powder

My experience with this product has been good. For me to apply a pack and giving massages to my hair and all these processes are very tiring, as I feel I am too lazy for that. So, I asked one of my friends to join me in this expedition. We both fixed a time and met, then we applied this to our hair and gossiped for next 40 to 50 minutes, as when you have someone with you, this messy work seems less messy. Well, after wash, I didn’t feel any significant improvement in my hair as this is natural product and these things take time to show results. So I have decided to give it few more try’s in coming time.


I would rate this product 3.5/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes, I would recommend this product again, but have patience as these natural products shows slow but very steady results.