Home remedy for grey hair

Home remedy for grey hair

Heyaa Girls…!!! 🙂

In today’s time, grey hair indicates stress level and tensions has nothing to do with the wisdom. Though earlier grey hair was a sign that you had grown older and probably wiser, too. Grey hair cannot be reversed but can be effectively concealed by hair colors. About the hair color we think about the chemicals.. Right?  Medical researchers says that it contains tobacco smoke, to form other compounds called N-nitrosamines that have been implicated in cancer.

Now the question rises that how can we hide our grey hair?

And the answer is GO NATURAL… Yes go natural with HENNA. Color your hair with natural colors that come from plant sources.

Henna gives you dark red or dark brown color on your skin as well as on your hair




Tea & Coffee

Tea & coffee both have ability to give natural dark brown color to grey hair. But the liquid you use has to be sufficiently concentrated. Boil water and put some tea power or tea bags OR you can also use black coffee for dark brown color in boiling water. Strain it. You need to soak coffee or tea powder water in henna for few hours to see the result. Mix well before applying the pack.





Amla does not have the ability to give color but it gives smoothness and strength to your hair. And help to tone down the color and add shine to your hair. When mixing in amla powder, it is important to add it last into the paste, just before you apply the paste to your hair. Alma adds shine, rids dandruff and also reduces hair fall.


Sesame & curry leaves

Boil sesame oil and curry leaves and you can keep this liquid into air tightening container… So that you can color your hair anytime.. Just mix henna into the liquid, cool & apply for three to four hours and wash it with mild shampoo or for best result wash your hair with shikakai



Castor oil

My mom uses castor oil instead of curry leaves & sesame oil. Just boil henna with castor oil in a iron pan and keep it aside until oil takes on a black color. Then apply it on your hair and wash it after three to four hours with mild shampoo


Natural hair colors obtained from plant sources are therefore much safer than commercial hair dyes that may contain unhealthy compounds. Agreed, you may not see a dramatic result overnight, and you would possibly need repeated treatments with the natural hair color to see a change but you can be assured that these are much safer options than you chemical dyes as they are natural. This surely gives you shiny smooth beautiful hair. 🙂