how to cure dry and chapped lips

how to cure dry and chapped lips

Maybelline New York Baby Lips:

* This is lip product you going to love it.

* Try it for baby soft lips.

* It contains antioxidant berry which helps your lips become smooth and healthy.

* It contains some special ingredients due to which it helps prevent sunburn.

* Its renew formula hydrates your lips for at least 8 hours.



This Baby lip balm just glides on your lips.

Its consistency is not heavy, waxy but just thinner that feels slick on the lips yet is not greasy.

This is berry flavored lip balm with UV protection.

It just moisturizes the lips making it smooth and kissable, I just love Maybelline products, they are just amazing and its quality, I don’t think I will have to tell you, if you are using this product you will definitely come to know.


Its fragrance is just Maua.

It has so nice and soft fragrance that you just can’t resist.

And especially this berry flavor very good and it just gives a light pink tint to your lips.

Its berry flavor gives it a berry berry smell which is just wow.

I like its smell and color too.

Specially it is designed for summer season when our lips becomes dry and chapped ,we feel like to pamper our lips with moisturizer and also we need some SPF effect to protect  from uv rays.

Its smells awesome, it has a light and sweet fragrance which attracts you towards it.

And its packing is also so attractive that you just can’t stop yourself from buying it.

I am a big fan of Maybelline products, and this is one of my favorite products I always use.

Just try it once beauties and you are going to love it.



This is not a heavily pigmented lip balm, but it is light traditional tinted lip balm with sheer butter that gives a soft and soothing effect to lips.

This beery flavor is a cool toned pink that is big on color and appears as an orchid pink.

An it’s much lovelier on lips then ever expected.

This lip balm gives a sheer effect and not shimmer ones like other lip balms.

Its antioxidant formulae make it a blessing for lips.

It just helps the lips to become smoother and healthy.


It is having a very cute packaging; the inner side of tube is shaped like a lipstick. 

Lasting Power:

It is a super long lasting lip balm and gives a moisturizing effect until 8 hours. 


I would rate 9 for this product, because I personally feel that this product is just amazing for me, I would recommend this product to others, I really feel one should try this product and you will be totally satisfied.

Why you’ll Love it:

Its clinical care for baby lips.

The Secret: Exclusive lips renew formula protects and moisturizes for a full 8 hours.

Visibly renewed lips in 1 week:

* 88% had smoother lips

* 82% had less dry lips

* 70% had more supple lips

* 83% had better looking lips. 

Weather I will buy this product again:

This is just a mind blowing product; I will buy it again and again as my lips just love it.

It is so light after application you does not feel sticky or oily, as compared to other lip balm.


The main peculiarity of this product is it does not contain paraffin oil.

It contains Shea butter which moisturizes the lips for a longer time.

Its texture is smooth and helps to heal dry lips.

Features via Maybelline:

* Has pure, saturated color pigments that provide deep intense color.

* Acts as a moisturizing conditioning balm.

* Gives a soft cushiony feels to the lips.

* Comes with a specially designed applicator for quick, precise application.


 Its price is £2.99 or 299Rs for 24ml.