How to get gorgeous with Danglers

How to get gorgeous with Danglers

How to get gorgeous with Danglers ?

Hello Beauties…!!

Unless you are a native of the Aborigines or a Red Indian squaw, I am sure you would not like to dangle more than one decorative object from your ears. Herein lays the problem. How do you choose one, especially when there is no dearth of choices all around you?


Choosing the right earrings for yourself can b be quite a challenge, especially if you do not know how to accentuate your features with the right type of earrings. The first thing to do is find out your face shape. Do not know your face shape? Won’t be much of a problem! Next time you get out of a hot shower, just take care to not wipe off your mirror. Stand in front of it, and trace out your face shape with your fingers. Depending on that, you will know whether to smooth en down appearance or accentuate it.


You can have an oval shaped face, a square shaped face, round, or a diamond shaped face. Now, if you find that you have an oval shape, you are one of those lucky few who can wear whatever they want, and it will look good. Long danglers, chandeliers, and even studs look great. And special mention to the teardrop earrings, which help balance out your facial features.


For the not so lucky however, danglers are the way to go. Especially for the ones who find that their faces are rounder than a tennis ball. Danglers are long flowing earrings that sometimes from a few centimeters in length, to your shoulders in extreme cases, depending on the type you choose. They generally lock on to your ears by virtue of long thin wires, which are hooked at the back after they pass through your earlobe. They may or may not be closed at the back, and might merely hang there, balanced without closure.   These danglers lend the illusion of length to your face, making it appear narrower, sharper. Generally all geometric designs work fine.


Danglers and chandeliers work fine for women with heart shaped faces as well. Their focus should be to widen out their faces as much as possible, to obtain a degree of balance in facial symmetry, while accentuating your cheekbones, which are your best features.

Square faces need some softening. Especially of your cheekbones and your jaw line! Rounded earrings can go a long way in this regard. So can feather danglers, and hooped danglers. Anything works as long as they do not have corners.


The only face structure for which danglers are a strict no-no, are the narrow faced ones. You do not want to look like Droopy. Danglers will tend to make your face look even longer and thinner than it is, giving you the appearance of a malnourished Easter Island head.

Dangler earrings are versatile. They impart elegance to your face as well as a certain degree of character that doesn’t go away. And they do not get hidden by that long hairstyle you just got.

Try one on today!