How to Make Your Nails Look Great

How to Make Your Nails Look Great

How to Make Your Nails Look Great!!

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Nail paints aka Nail polish can be said as one of the most vital products within the category of makeup. It is even the highest selling make up products in the market. But how can a person select a good nail polish brand? The top most nail polish brands provide colors which are approximately similar on the natural light. A person should always purchase the best brands in the case of nail polish. Cheap or local brands can tend to harm one’s nails. This is because of the ingredients which are not to be present there in the initial place. The top 10 nail polish brands of the world are as follows:

Elle 18 Nail Polish – This nail polish is a teen favorite brand and is popular for providing a great range. Elle 18 has achieved great amounts of popularity due to the addition of herbal substances. This brand provides wonderful colors which are long lasting for approximately seven days.


Chambor Nail Polish – This is a popular Geneva brand which is one of the top five cosmetic brands. Chambor does not come in a surprise as the nail polishes are of great quality. These also do not dry off one’s nails. This brand comes in very stylish bottles along with superb brush for applying easily.

Lakme Nail Polish – This nail polish can be said as the most renowned cosmetic within India. Lakme claims to have a wide range of colors along with lock technology.

Bourjois Nail Polish – This brand has huge range of hues staring from sober gray to quirky florescent. Bourjois tends for production of chip-resistant nail polishes and long lasting.

Street Wear Nail Polish – This nail polish provides approximately fifty colors which targets for appealing the users. The rates and range targets mostly the college goers. Street Wear is said to be chip-resistant and also looks beautiful after many days.

L’Oreal Nail Polish – It has a wide range of colors which features a crystal acrylic formula. This formula eliminates the requirement of application of top coat. L’Oreal has glossy and smooth finishes. Color of this nail polish brand is greatly pigmented.

Max Factor Nail Polish – This brand comes in a wide range of shiny colors, especially metallic shine. Max factor targets in moisturizing and strengthening the nails. It is free from the hazardous dibutyl chemical.

Revlon nail Polish – This nail polish has good range of colors like shimmery, matte, frosty, crystalline and glitter polish shades. Revlon also comes along with in-built top coat. Its colors are fade-proof and long lasting.


China Glaze Nail Polish – This brand comes along with a long lasting wearing formula which provides a hologram effect. China Glaze is available in reasonable costs and has a huge variety of colors.

Maybelline Nail Polish – This nail polish brand provides nail polishes in attractive bottles along with superb brush for easy to apply. Maybelline dries up instantly, easy application and stylish. This is also cheap in price.