how to pamper your looks

how to pamper your looks

ADS Fashion Color (Make-up Kit):

This is a beauty product, a small Make up kit for all beautiful girls. I was always in search of a mini make up kit which we can use when we are travelling out and finally I got it. This is a mini kit which contains eye shades, lips shades, and a compact.

This is a lovely product, it comes in a small box cover which we can easily carry anywhere in our purse. Due to the change in climate we always need something which will suit our skin and we are always in search of good quality product. This is a very small make up kit in which you can find all different shades .It has 9 different shades which you can match with your dress color.

This lovely product is for all fashionable and beautiful girls who like to do a light make up every day. this kit is so amazing that you can carry it even in your office and can do touch up .it has wonderful shades like light pink,red,peach, brown and also purple ,these are all common shades .


This is how it looks when we open the pack.

Its packaging is so colorful .It attracts you, so that you can’t stay without taking it home.


This is the first section of eye shadows which has 10 different shades.


These shades are incredibly soft to touch and delightful on application.
It gives a glittering effect on application and looks just wow.
It appears little shiny which makes your eyes look bold and little big.
Your eyebrows are the main attraction of your face.
When you apply lipstick to your face your lips looks beautiful but what about your eyes.
Your eyes are also important, if you apply eye shades matching your lipstick, your eyes look little bigger and your face appears perfectly balanced.
So beauties don’t forget to do eye make-up as your face make up is incomplete without an eye shadow.


This is the second section in the box which contains all lips shades.
It has almost 9 different shades.
You can use it alone or mixed to create a unique shade for your lips.
Its hydrating and water proof formula keeps your lips enriched for at least 8 hours.
It has a special feature, at the middle u can see a mirror where you can easily see and apply.
It is not totally water proof or kiss proof.
So just be careful beauties.

Tips to apply shades on lips:
You can use a lip liner to give a perfect shape to your lips .
Then fill it inside from these shades.
You can also mix and match the colors according to your dress.


These are all lips shades which give a smooth finish to your lips.
The texture of these shades is very smooth and creamy.
It contains all the shades which will suit every complexion and skin tone.
It staying power is quite good as compared to other lipstick.
It lasts for 8 hours without much fading or smudging.
It looks natural on lips, if your complexion is fair then single coat is enough.
If your complexion is little dark, then you can put double coat.


This is the third section of the box which is the compact.
Make up is never complete without having satin smooth texture on skin.
And this can be achieved only with the proper use of compact.

How to apply compact:
*Use a concealer on your face and eyelids.
*Blend it well with the finger tips.
*Now take a compact and dab it properly on all the contours like your eye corners, over the lid and below the lid.
*Apply it evenly all over the face so that your skin does not look patchy.
*And here your makeup is complete and here you get a flawless, satin smooth texture of skin.
*A little hard work pays a big time isn’t it?


This is an amazing two sided small brush available in that kit.
One side u can see soft brush which you can use to apply eye shadows and another side you can see a spunch type which you can use to apply lipstick.
This is a small but wonderful brush you have ever seen.
It is soft and fluffy which seamlessly blends our most glamorous eye shadows.
You can apply your eye shadows using this brush which gives your eyes a perfect finish.
And from the opposite side you can apply your lipstick shades.
This is an amazing dual purpose brush you can ever get.



This product net weight is 22 gm. and price is 250Rs.