how to pamper your skin

how to pamper your skin

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Bakson’s Sunny Face Scrub (With Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Papaya):

Bakson’s Face Scrub is called Mini Facial as it is having all the properties of herbs and it is a blend of Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Papaya which are natural ingredients that helps the skin look five times younger and healthy.

How it works:

Bakson’s Face scrub with Aloe Vera exfoliates the dead skin helping cell renewal.

Cucumber tones up the skin .Removes the embedded dirt from pores and lets your skin breathe.

Papaya helps to remove excess oil from the skin and makes the skin look naturally beautiful.

It’s a Mini Facial as its small granules helps to smoothen the skin and makes it soft and the texture of skin becomes smooth and give a fair complexion .using this scrub makes u so satisfied that you don’t need to go for a facial. The main advantage of this scrub is u can use at home and you don’t need to go to a parlor and waste your time from your busy schedule.




Its special ingredients helps the skin to exfoliate and makes skin so soft and amazing as if you have done a facial  that’s why it is called a Mini facial. And as it’s having a plastic container u can easily carry it anywhere in your purse when you are travelling. When we are travelling outside our skin becomes dull due to the dirt and pollution but this scrub is just amazing and it works well on any skin type. And as the container is small you can keep it anywhere you like.

Actually it is very suitable in summer, as in summer season our skin becomes little tanned and dries so we need little extra care as from cream and SPF. This scrub helps the skin to remove dead cells, tanning and all dirt and impurities from our skin. As it contains cucumber it makes our skin texture light and little smooth and Aloe Vera helps the skin to become soft and supple. And papaya removes excess oil from skin making it glowing and amazingly smooth .As you touch your skin it feels awesome and as if u have come from a salon and done a facial. Its effect is really good and the scrub is really worth it.

How to apply:

First wash your face using a face wash or soap as and which suits your skin. Then dry your face. Now take some ice in a bowl with little water .Then start applying the scrub on skin after washing and massage gently with finger tips in circular movements concentrating on forehead and nose, protecting the eyes and mouth. Massage gently for at least 5 -10 minutes if it becomes dry just wet your hand in ice and water and again start massaging till it goes inside your skin and your pores are open .if your skin is oily just take steam for five minutes before using this product .and if your skin is already dry don’t go for steaming you can directly clean your face and use this your massage is done just wash off your face with cold water and pat dry your skin. It is suitable for all skin types.


This product is very reasonable and very effective. I think everyone should try this product it is just amazing .Its price is just Rupees 45 for 50 grams.

So it’s my suggestion for all the beautiful girls to try this product once, as you are going to like it because its ingredients are so special and you won’t find these three ingredients in one scrub. This scrub is really mild an effective and suitable for all skin types. So just use it once and you are going to love it. It’s my personal experience. my skin is little oily so first I use to be worried before using any product because I use to get pimples on my skin but after using this product I am really amazed as it suits my skin.  And I don’t have to be worried now about my skin .so just go for it and try it once.