Incolor Absolute Primer Reviews

Incolor Absolute Primer Reviews

Incolor Absolute Primer Reviews

Hey ladies, just like there are skin care essential products, there are certain products that are essential for clean and non patchy makeup application, too. Many ladies are unaware about a product called makeup primer which must be applied prior to application of concealers and foundations. A makeup primer creates a smooth foundation for an even makeup application. It also helps your makeup last longer by giving your base makeup products, something to stick onto. Read on more for full review, below…

Incolor Absolute Primer
Incolor Absolute Primer

Product description

Nothing is mentioned on the tube


INR 500 from 30ml

Incolor Absolute Primer
Incolor Absolute Primer

Shelf life

1 year


It comes in a white coloured tube with a nozzle to dispense this clear gel product. The cap was a rounded, Black coloured cao which closes on screwing. Sadly, I lost it when I carried this product for my sister’s marriage.


It is in form of a gel that is not runny but not thick either. It spreads evenly on skin and gets absorbed within seconds.

Incolor Absolute Primer
Incolor Absolute Primer

Skin type synopsis

All skin types

Pros of Incolor absolute primer

  • Forms a barrier between skin and makeup products
  • Gives your foundation something to hold onto
  • Creates a really smooth veil on your skin for makeup application
  • It does not have a strong smell
  • It helps your makeup last long
  • It can be used in eye and lip area, too
  • The cap closes tightly but sadly, I misplaced mine.
  • The product is travel friendly
  • It would not break out or irritate your skin
  • It is not expensive as compared to other primers out there in markets.
  • It contains SPF 15

Cons of Incolor absolute primer

  • None really.. The quantity should have been a bit more, I guess

Key Ingredients

Primer solvent called (Cyclomethicone), an antioxidant (BHA) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol).

Directions for usage:

Please refer image

Incolor Absolute Primer
Incolor Absolute Primer

My experience with Incolor absolute primer

I had been looking out for a good makeup primer since quite a lot of time but whatever brands I checked were offering primers at prices a bit out of my budget. So, when I came across this one selling at 500 bucks, I grabbed it without thinking any further. I have used a couple of products from Incolour earlier and they had worked decently on me so, I was quite sure that this one would not disappoint me either.

The nozzle of this tube helps you dispense just the right amount of product as required so, you do not end up wasting the thing. The clear gel spreads very evenly and creates a really smooth base for rest of the makeup application. It gives no coverage as such since it is a gel. After using this, my makeup actually lasted longer than it normally does. It also prevents the makeup products from getting into your facial pores and clogging them. Another great thing is that it comes with a sun protection factor of 15 which might not be all you need but definitely gives some protection, at the least.

Incolor absolute primer product did not give me any skin redness or zits and I feel it should be compatible with all skin types. The quantity is a bit less as compared to the price but I guess this is the standard for most makeup primers available in market. It contains antioxidants in forms of BHA and vitamin E. So, I presume it does help your skin in some way.


4.5 on 5

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I am going to buy Incolor absolute primer again because I am pretty impressed with this one. Also, sites like flipkart are offering good discounts on this.