Incolor Professional Eye Shadow Reviews

Incolor Professional Eye Shadow Reviews

Incolor Professional Eye Shadow Reviews

Hello beauties, today’s article is about a beautiful and cute eye shadow from Incolor! Well the brand is not well known, and comes under local Indian brands but some of the products of such brands are really good to have a review upon. One such product is this “professional eye shadow” range of Incolor cosmetics. Well the eye shadow I am reviewing is of silver color and it is perfect silver which we girls long for every night party or occasion. It is full of shimmer particles and good to go for any evening function. The eye shadow is easily available in any normal cosmetic store. For more details about this amazing cosmetic please read further.

Incolor Professional Eye Shadow
Incolor Professional Eye Shadow

Product description

The eyes are the most beautiful part of women, and it has to be handled with care. Incolor has come up with the all new glamorous and vibrant range of eye shadows, these eye shadows are for every style and occasion. Choose your favorite to give your eyes a new look and style.

Direction for use

This eye shadow is really easy to apply and smudge thereafter. With the help of an eye brush take some amount of the color and apply it gently on your eyelids and spread the color all over your eyelid. It is up to you that you want to apply this directly or apply it above some concealer or foundation. This eye shadow easily spread on to your eyelids and if you want to mix it with any other color this eye shadow allows you to do so very easily!

Shelf life

2 years

Incolor Professional Eye Shadow
Incolor Professional Eye Shadow


85 rupees


Well the packaging of this product is super cute and handy. It comes in a circular palette which has a revolving cap. To open this eye shadow moves the cap from left to right. The transparent cap allows me to easily pull out this color from my cosmetic kit. The best part of the packaging is that it contains a mirror at the back side of the eye shadow palette. It gives me ease to style up my eyes anywhere and anytime!


It has a powdered texture which can be applied with the help of brush. The eye shadow contains shimmer it is not at all matte. The silver color blends well on the skin and mix well with other shadow colors easily.

Incolor Professional Eye Shadow
Incolor Professional Eye Shadow
Incolor Professional Eye Shadow
Incolor Professional Eye Shadow

Key ingredients

Not mentioned :(. Contains shimmer.

Pros of Incolor professional eye shadow

  • It is a perfect silver shade
  • Contains shimmer
  • Has a good retaining property
  • Can be applied directly
  • Blends well with other colors
  • Can be applied with a finger also
  • Packaging is really cute and new.
  • Transparent cap helps to select the color quickly
  • Has a mirror too!

Cons of Incolor professional eye shadow.

  • Delicate to handle.
Incolor Professional Eye Shadow
Incolor Professional Eye Shadow

My experience with Incolor professional eye shadow.

The eye shadow has brought me good effects to discuss about. The color is itself so beautiful that it goes with every dress or attire I wear for parties or occasion. Though eye shadow does not shed till 3- 4 hours but this eye color from Incolor has a very good retaining property and stays up to 5-6 hours. The color did not troubled be while applying on my eyelids instead it easily blended well on to my moisturized eyelids. I used this eye shadow to do a smokey eye look and to my surprise it was really easy to do the Smokey eye tutorial with this cute little eye shadow. I sometimes apply this eye shadow under my eyes like a kajal by drawing a straight line, it gives a super awesome effect. In the entire product is a good buy.



Whether I would recommend this product again.

Yup. I will recommend this eye shadow. You may also try other colors of eye shadow from Incolor as well.