Insight Color Nail Polish Review

Insight Color Nail Polish Review

Insight Color Nail Polish Review

Hello all!

How are you all doing today?

Well! Today’s review is different… I am finally reviewing nail colors!!

Though most of the amazing brands and ranges have already been reviewed (we have a team of some really amazing and efficient writers), I found this nail paint by coincidence. I was basically finding a nail color in contrast with a dress that I had to wear and could not find that shade in the brands I prefer. I finally found the color, but in a brand I had hardly heard of.

My today’s review is on Insight Color Nail Polish. In this whole bargain of finding the right color for myself, I eventually ended by picking up to. So now that I have, I will review both that shades for.

The first shade is from the blue family called “So many clouds” (this is the one I wanted). It is a light blue color and has tiny particles of glitter which give it a really pretty texture and look.

The second shade is from the white-silver family called the Tan -Tan Classic.

I will give you a detailed review of each shade but before that, I would really love to tell you about a product that I reviewed recently called Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub .  To read more about this product just click the link. I promise you it will be worth your time. 

Insight Color Nail Polish
Insight Color Nail Polish

Product Description of Insight Color Nail Polish

It is claimed that Insight nail polish is the apt nail Color for you when you are in a rush and don’t have time. The nail polish comes with ultra-shine, ultra-hold and smooth finish.

Direction for Use

I usually buff my nails before applying any nail paint for the extra smooth and shiny texture. After the buffing and filing is done, shake the bottle once ,take the nail paint on the brush and apply it gently and carefully on your nails in large strokes.

Insight Color Nail Polish
Insight Color Nail Polish

Shelf Life

It doesn’t really have a shelf life. You could use it till you are done with it or till it lasts you!

Price & Quantity

INR 80; 15 ml 

Insight Color Nail Polish
Insight Color Nail Polish


The packaging is really classy and simple. The glass bottles have a silver cap at top which secures the nail color inside. The rest of the part is transparent glass through which you can see the content inside easily.

The packaging is really comfortable for travelling purposes!

The head of the applicator is big which ensures good grip!

Insight Color Nail Polish
Insight Color Nail Polish


The nail polish colors are smooth and easy to apply. They have a very subtle shine that gives the application a very professional look.

Key Ingredients

Not really mentioned anywhere.

Pros Insight Color Nail Polish

  • Reasonable
  • Available in all major stores
  • Good collection of colors
  • Good finishing
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries quickly
  • Subtle shine
  • Professional look after application

Cons Insight Color Nail Polish

  • I noticed with this nail polish that it starts to chip after a couple of days.
  • I had to retouch it again and again to keep it looking fresh and tidy.
Insight Color Nail Polish
Insight Color Nail Polish

My Experience with Insight Color Nail Polish

My overall experience with this product was good. I really liked the color collection and the way it looked when applied. All the colors available are unique and beautiful. I even tried combining different colors to make new styles!

The only fault was the chipping.



Whether I would recommend this product again:

I would if I need to wear it for a day or two, for some occasion or function but not for everyday application.

Chipped nail paints look really untidy.