It’s Time to Pamper Hard-Working City Skin

It’s Time to Pamper Hard-Working City Skin

It’s Time to Pamper Hard-Working City Skin

Do you work in the city? Do you love that fast-paced environment? Just remember, if you want to thrive in the city and look good, you need to care for your skin that bit more and watch out for damaging environmental factors. These can play havoc with the health of your skin. Think about it; pollution from exhaust fumes, smoke, the weather or dust and dirt will all cling to your skin. It doesn’t matter if you drive or take public transport, your skin is under attack constantly. Then, when you arrive at work, the central heating or air conditioning will also take its toll. Over time, this can irritate your skin and even weaken its resistance.

The solution? Start up a good cleansing regime. Do this morning and night. Also, massage your skin in gentle upwards motions so that it helps to restore the condition of your skin.

Even hard water can have a damaging effect on your skin. This is because it is alkaline and is full of minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium too. Try to visualize the limescale that appears in your kettle sometimes and you’ll know why you want to avoid this on your skin. When you wash in hard water, it can irritate and won’t be a surprise if you start to develop spots, blemishes or experience an acne flare-up. Keeping skin clean and healthy is vital. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, it may be worth using an exfoliator, if not daily, once or twice a week to slough off those dead skin cells. Test these exfoliators out first though because it is easy to irritate your skin if it is already under pressure.

In the warm weather, city living can be just as tough on your skin. Sitting in the car navigating a traffic jam or, spending too much time on the subway, will only increase the amount of sweat and oil on your face and this means cells will produce more quickly. If the dead cells are not removed regularly, they may lead to clogged pores and bacteria and oil. This is why even in the summer weather, you should cleanse and exfoliate regularly. If you are spending a lot of time outside in the sun, don’t forget to use an SPF moisturizer as this offers some protection.

Do invest in a good moisturizer. This will keep your skin in optimal condition and prevent it from drying out. Use a night cream so to soak into your skin overnight and add a day-time moisturizer to your face after your cleansing routine in the morning.

Your skin has a tough job. It has to provide a barrier against all the different elements and sometimes, it pushes the health of your skin too far. But, there’s more to skin health than this. If you have a stressful job, you may struggle to sleep and it’s all too easy to lose your sleep pattern. Nothing shows on your face more than tiredness, so it can help to keep a face mist in your handbag or in your desk. Although it works well as a quick pick-me-up under makeup, you can also spritz during the day to as it will give your complexion a boost. Hopefully, it will energize you a little.

If you feel stressed, you may find that you drink too much coffee throughout the day. This isn’t conducive for a good sleep pattern either. It is vital that you can fall asleep and feel fully revitalized in the morning. During the night, growth hormones are produced which encourages cell renewal and, you also produce collagen and keratin. These proteins are vital if you want lovely youthful looking firm skin. Stress also leads to your body producing higher levels of cortisol which is extremely bad for your body and it can certainly throw your hormones out of balance. Too much stress may reduce your skin’s ability to repair itself.

You may love working in the city and you may even enjoy a highly-pressured and responsible job, but, you need to look after your health and you need to look after your skin. Providing you invest some time in your skincare, you’ll find that you can offset the negatives of city life and still look and feel great.