Johnson’s Baby Oil Reviews

Johnson’s Baby Oil Reviews

Johnson’s Baby Oil Reviews

Hello ladies…!!!

This review is about one of the MOST useful and purposeful product of all times and personally one of my favourite. The point is that it is such a basic product and still never fails to help me loads. This oil though originally was meant to be used by new born and babies, was so incredible that it soon became an indispensable part of my daily life.  It is the best moisturizing oil that I have personally come across. It is light and not at all greasy .it leaves a subtle smooth shine on my body (I have a normal skin type).it is also an incredible make up remover (even for the eye makeup!!).  It is pretty much natural with no harmful chemicals added and is enriched with vitamin E and thus is really good for the skin. I have a super sensitive skin and this oil suites me pretty well so I personally think it shouldn’t be much of a problem to others. You can use it for body and scalp massages, cracked heels, dry knees or elbows, moisturizing etc. it has a very mild fragrance and does not bother at all.

Another good thing about Johnson’s Baby Oil is that it lasts you a really long time. I use it day and night and it still lasts me months.

The only personal trouble that I had with this oil was that because it so light it is not very effective during peak winters. So to ensure that my skin stays well moisturized during winters I do have to combine it with a good body moisturizer.

Johnson’s Baby Oil
Johnson’s Baby Oil

Direction for Use

The trick is simple, just squeeze the required amount, rub it between you palms and apply it to your body. You can combine it with a body lotion or not suiting your skin type.

Dab a little on a ball of cotton and gently wipe and remove your makeup. It works like magic.

Shelf Life

3 years

Johnson’s Baby Oil
Johnson’s Baby Oil

Price & Quantity

Rs 165 for 200 ml.

It is also available in smaller and bigger packs

Skin Type

This oil could be used by people of all skin type. 


It comes in a transparent bottle with a baby pink lid. The transparency of the bottle is useful as I know exactly when it has to be replaced. The lid is super tight and thus no leaking issues. The size that I have is convenient and can be easily carried around.  


The texture of the oil is silky and non-sticky. It is transparent in colour and is very smooth to touch. It is not at all greasy and leaves a subtle shine when applied.

Johnson’s Baby Oil
Johnson’s Baby Oil

Key Ingredients

It does not have a large amount of ingredients just mineral oil, vitamin E Acetate and fragrance. 

Pros – Johnson’s Baby Oil

  1. Easily available
  2. Available in different quantities
  3. Mild
  4. Soft fragrance
  5. No harsh Chemicals
  6. Easily absorbed
  7. Non – Sticky
  8. Can be used by all skin type
  9. Useful for variety of purposes
  10. Enriched in Vitamin E 

Cons – Johnson’s Baby Oil

  1. The only possible negative that I can think of is that the oil alone is not enough to moisturize the skin in winters.
Johnson’s Baby Oil
Johnson’s Baby Oil

My Experience with Johnson’s Baby Oil

I personally love this product. It is so basic and yet so purposeful. It is one of the products that I would not be able to do without. And especially the fact that it does wonders to my skin and is healthy.



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes, yes, yes!!