Jolen Whitening Scrub Reviews

Jolen Whitening Scrub Reviews

Jolen Whitening Scrub Reviews

Hello again. For today’s article I have got one of my favorite product, it is “jolen whitening scrub”. Every night before sleeping I do face scrubbing. Doing scrubbing at night opens my pores and removes tanning, dead skin cells, dust, oil and other such harmful substances which get collected in the whole day. Doing scrubbing at night has a secret reason behind it, the secret is that while sleeping my skin is at rest and the next morning I feel fresh and get a glowing skin. This process helps in making my skin healthier. Well talking about the brand “jolen”, this brand is known for its famous bleach which is really a good product I also didn’t know that jolen has other products too! One of them is “whitening scrub”. After buying this scrub I really felt a healthier difference in my skin! Read further.

Jolen Whitening Scrub
Jolen Whitening Scrub

Product description

Jolen whitening scrub is enriched with whitening ingredients which helps to keep your beautiful skin whitening intact and glowing all day long. It comes with an effective formula of vitamin-E, cucumber, aloe Vera and olive oil. The scrub gently cleanses, exfoliates and removes dead skin and blackheads. By a daily usage you skin becomes glowing, whitening and supple with new life in it. Can also be used as a body scrub!

Directions for use

Clean your face with a good face wash! For scrubbing your, it is recommended to use Luke warm water for cleaning the face.

After cleansing squeeze out some amount from the tube and apply directly on your face and scrub your face with gentle hands in circular motion. Does scrubbing for 5-6 min then gently remove the cream with a wet towel or cotton.

Jolen Whitening Scrub
Jolen Whitening Scrub

Shelf life

1 year


180 rupees (I love it)

Skin type synopsis

Not mentioned


The scrub comes in a white color plastic tube. The tube has a flip cap which tucks tight in the tube. The packaging is not so attractive but the results are super awesome.

Jolen Whitening Scrub
Jolen Whitening Scrub


The scrub has a Creamy and smooth texture and it contains small Granules. The creamy and smooth texture makes the movement of the particles easy on my skin to scrub properly and evenly.

Key ingredients

Mentioned below

Jolen Whitening Scrub
Jolen Whitening Scrub

Pros of Jolen whitening scrub

  • The jolen whitening scrub Contains vitamin E, aloe vera, olive oil and azeloglicinia.
  • This scrub has shown really Good results on my skin
  • The product can be used as body and face scrub both! So it is two in one.
  • Has good quantity
  • The texture is very nice
  • Makes my skin healthier
  • Inexpensive

Cons of Jolen whitening scrub

  • Packaging is boring
Jolen Whitening Scrub
Jolen Whitening Scrub

My experience with Jolen whitening scrub

I got this product from airport. I brought this product because I wanted to experience this scrub from jolen, as I have already heard about the good results of famous Jolen bleach. No doubt the scrub gives a noticeable whitening effect on my skin after the usage. The scrub particles are mild and are not too harsh on the skin! The best part is that it leaves the skin moistened and soft after the process is over. I really liked the smell of the scrub cream. If I look at the ingredients, I don’t think so that any other scrub has so many good and natural ingredients and that too in just 180 rupees, also it contains aloe vera which is a superb herb for every skin. For me it is a smart buy.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes. It is a good buy. For all scrub lovers.