Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber Reviews

Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber Reviews

Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber reviews

Hi beautiful readers, I recently read that for a good skin we should follow three steps – cleansing/exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. Hence, I came across this toner in market and thought why not give a try. Toners are essential for skin care regime and can make you look younger and fresh. I have heard good reviews about the JOVEES products. They prove to be skin friendly and easily affordable. In my last review I discussed about Himalaya Herbals Strawberry Shine lip balm which was an average lip balm with is made up of herbal ingredients.

Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber
Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber

Product description :

Jovees skin toner in cucumber is a well formulated toner for oily skin. It provides a more thorough cleansing than cleanser alone. The toner helps to remove dirt, excessive oil, tightens the pores, restore skin’s natural pH. It claims to provide radiance and leaves skin revitalized.

Price :

200 ml priced at 185 INR and 100 ml around 100 INR ( not sure about the latter ).

Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber
Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber

Packaging :

JOVEES skin toner cucumber comes in a plastic, transparent cylindrical bottle. It is based on spray pump mechanism and is covered by another plastic transparent cap. The cap fits tightly over the white spray pump. The packaging is sturdy and can be easily carried in a bag without the fear of spilling over.

Texture :

The toner is dark green in color and gives the same dark green color to bottle. As expected it is in watery consistency. The smell reminds me of the real cucumbers and is refreshing.

Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber
Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber

Shelf life:

Three years from the manufacture date.

Directions of use:

Clean the face with any face wash and pat dry. Then spray sufficient quantity on cotton balls and dab on face and neck. To get the best result, use twice daily.

Key ingredients:

Cucumber Extract, Sage, Aloe Vera, Chamomile.

Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber
Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber

Pros of the Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber

  • Toner comes in a spray mechanism.
  • The packaging is sturdy.
  • Easily available in drugstores.
  • Active ingredients include cucumber and aloe vera.
  • It soothes the skin and clears the dirt or oil from face.

Cons of the Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber

  • It takes a long time to dry up.
  • The toner feels bit sticky after after drying up.
  • All the ingredients are not mentioned.
  • The toner forms foam with shaking the bottle.
  • It fails to tighten the pores.

My Experience with the Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber

The Jovees skin toner cucumber was a disappointment for me. I have an oily skin and it doesn’t perform all functions which it was bound to do. It has some sticky feeling as you spray it on face. The drying power is pretty long, which I think should be short. As the toner dries up, the cucumber smell fades away. The fragrance is strong and can bother some people a lot.

The toner removes the impurities easily such as oil and dirt. It does not irritate the skin or sting. But a cut surface on skin may cause irritation. Jovees skin toner works on oily skin and to an extent on combination skin but dry skinned people should skip it. It gets easily absorbed by the skin leaving no residue behind. The staying power of it is low around 1.5 hours.

It neither reduces the size of the pores nor does it do anything regarding radiance of the skin. Overall, this product was a letdown.

Rating :


Would I recommend Jovees Skin Toner Cucumber?

I won’t recommend it to anybody as all the claims by the company were false.  There are better toner in the market which are worth the price.