Joy Lip Guard Review

Joy Lip Guard Review

Joy Lip Guard Review

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I know winters are just around the corner and I love winters! The cold weather and chai combinations are the best thing ever! But with winters comes responsibilities towards our skin. Winters can be really harsh on our skin and especially the lips. We all use variety of lip balms to keep our lips supple and moisturized.

My today’s review is also on a lip guard which protects your lips and keeps them moisturized. It is called Joy Lip Guard. I find it pretty much like the petroleum jelly that we use.

Joy is a decent company .I haven’t really used many of its products so I can’t say much about the brand. This product also came to me by accident. I was getting stuff from a general store and that guy didn’t have change and instead he gave me a tube of this.

Obviously once I had this product I ended up using it again and again and realized it’s not bad at all. Firstly is super-duper cheap, secondly the packaging is easy to carry and use. So for winters it’s a great product to carry around. I do realize that there are a lot of other similar products available in the market but this one has its own positives and one of them is that this one has an amazing fragrance.

I am going to jump into the details of this product just in a tiny bit but before that let’s talk about another review that I did in the past. This one is on the product called Yardley London Lily Of The Valley Body Spray Tonique Pour Le Corps. Amazing deodorant and mesmerizing fragrance.

You really should check out this one…I am very sure you will love it. It’s reasonable and brilliant. Very suitable for everyday use. I have added a link to this review right above, just in case you are interested in reading more about it.

In case of any questions or queries please feel free to ask!

Always happy to help!

Joy Lip Guard
Joy Lip Guard

Product Description of Joy Lip Guard

  • Contains Vitamin E and fruit extracts
  • Soothes and protects dry chapped lips
  • Relieves and restored softness of the lips 

Direction for Use

Squeeze and apply on the lips.

Joy Lip Guard
Joy Lip Guard

Shelf Life

3 years or 36 months from the date of packaging

Price & Quantity

INR 24; 12 grams

Skin Type

Suitable for all

Joy Lip Guard
Joy Lip Guard


A simple white colored squeeze tube!


Smooth and moisturizing. The feel of it is pretty much like the petroleum jelly that we use! Same color same texture!

Joy Lip Guard
Joy Lip Guard

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamin E
  • Fruit extracts 

Pros Joy Lip Guard

  • Very inexpensive
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • User friendly
  • Good packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Subtle gloss
  • Moisturizes the lips
  • Keeps lips soft and supple
  • Helps in case lips get chapped. 

Cons Joy Lip Guard

The only reasonable negative that I can point out is that it is not really available everywhere.

I came across it very unintentionally but after that I have hardly seen this tube in a lot of places. 

Joy Lip Guard
Joy Lip Guard

My Experience with Joy Lip Guard

The product does what it promises. It has a very pleasant sweet smell that I really enjoy. It keeps my lips moisturized and soft and in case there is chapping it helps me to get rid of that too.

In short I can’t complain! 



Whether I would recommend this product again:

The first buy was not intentional but for Rs24 a pop it’s a steal! The product does what it promises and moisturizes my lips well. The fragrance is really nice and I like the subtle glossy look that it gives my lips.

So yes I would totally recommend it!