kozicare Skin Whitening Soap Review

kozicare Skin Whitening Soap Review

kozicare Skin Whitening Soap Review

Hey guys! How are you all?

There are a lot of products in the market today which promise fairness and whitening of skin. Well, honestly I have never been a huge fan of these products mainly because the chemical content really scares the hell out of me. With that been said I would also like to say that I am a person who gets tanned really easy and fast (it’s not even normal), and obliviously wanted or not I do get drawn to products that promise tan removal.

But the reason doesn’t end there, I have a skin that is also very prone to allergies and rashes mainly it happens due to heat or dust but anyway when it does there are times that they leave discoloration of skin that can be really irritating.

My interest grew when I heard of this thing called kojic acid which is basically a chelation agent produced by several species of fungi, especially Aspergillus oryzae, which has the Japanese common name koji. In cosmetics it is used to lighten skin. As an example, it is used to treat skin diseases like melasma. Kojic acid also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Kojic acid is an all-natural compound derived from fungi – sort of like mushrooms. That means that kojic acid is completely natural and not something that’s man-made in a laboratory by a group of scientists and dermatologists.

Now obviously there is a lot more to this element and I would recommend you to read more about it.what I have put down here is just an extract from Wikipedia.

My today’s review is on this soap bar called kozicare Skin Whitening Soap. I bought this one online, it was actually a set of three.

I am going to tell you the details on this product really soon but before that lets take a flash back to one of my previous reviews. This particular one was on Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Life Anti-Aging Nourishing Facial Cream. I have done an elaborate piece on this one. Please click the link above to read it .I hope it’s helpful.

kozicare Skin Whitening Soap
kozicare Skin Whitening Soap

Product Description of kozicare Skin Whitening Soap

According to website:

Now you can that flawless, blemish free, whiter, younger looking skin in no time. And feel the immediate difference on your skin right on its first use. Try it! See visible results in days! Kozicare Soap: A Skin whitening soap which contains Kojic Acid, Arbutin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Kozicare soap also provides Moisturize Skin, Anti-aging and Sunscreen protection and Helps for all types of hyper-pigmented Skin

Direction for Use

Wet your body and apply the soap everywhere (make sure you avoid the eyes area). Let the soap sit for a few minutes. If you are using it for the first time, keep it on for a few seconds (just to ensure that it is suiting your skin). Rinse.

kozicare Skin Whitening Soap
kozicare Skin Whitening Soap

Shelf Life

3 years or 36 months from the date of manufacturing

Price & Quantity

INR 80/piece; 75 grams /per bar of soap

kozicare Skin Whitening Soap
kozicare Skin Whitening Soap

Skin Type

It might suite everyone but you have to test it first. I do have a sensitive skin but it was good for me.


The packaging is like that of any other soap bar. It is white and maroon in color with all the details written on it.


The soap is white in color and the fragrance is light and easy. It lathers well and rinses easily. You might feel that your skin is a little dry after use, just put some extra moisturizer if you feel so.

kozicare Skin Whitening Soap
kozicare Skin Whitening Soap

Key Ingredients

  • Kojic acid
  • Arbutin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
kozicare Skin Whitening Soap
kozicare Skin Whitening Soap

Pros kozicare Skin Whitening Soap

  • Easily available
  • Nice fragrance
  • Works and shows results

Cons kozicare Skin Whitening Soap

  • A bit over prized for a soap bar
  • Dries my skin a bit
  • Takes time to show results. Be patient.

My Experience with kozicare Skin Whitening Soap

It’s a helpful product.



Whether I would recommend this product again:

Worth a try!