LA Colors Liquid Makeup Reviews

LA Colors Liquid Makeup Reviews

LA Colors Liquid Makeup Reviews

Hola readers.

How are you doing today? I have my exams nearing and the study pressure is so much that I hardly find time to review products for you all. But I do keep updated with all the articles from all our lovely writers. It’s so good to see frequent updates popping up on MAKEUPERA.

Anyways, today I’m reviewing a liquid foundation from US based brand L.A. Colors. This brand offers budget friendly products to its customers. Although not easily available in India, one can always ask the foreign living relatives to send them to you. I too received this as a gift from my aunty who lives in the States. Let’s see how this product fares.

LA Colors Liquid Makeup
LA Colors Liquid Makeup

Product description:

  • Gives flawless looking finish for all skin types
  • Soft and luminous finish
  • It provides complete coverage


$1 (I got it as a gift though)


BLM311 True Beige

Key ingredient:

No ingredients mentioned

LA Colors Liquid Makeup
LA Colors Liquid Makeup


The packaging isn’t very impressive, just the pumping system is nice; otherwise it is a normal transparent stick like packaging. The packaging looks cheap and unappealing. I would never have bought it for packaging.


It says liquid makeup but it has a thick consistency. Its thick texture doesn’t blend well on the skin making it messy to use. It gives a light coverage and I wanted something that can cover the blemishes, but this budget friendly foundation completely failed me. Since it doesn’t blend well, its application forms patches on the skin.

LA Colors Liquid Makeup
LA Colors Liquid Makeup

Pros of LA Colors Liquid Makeup:

  • Inexpensive
  • Mild smell which isn’t bothersome
  • Pump outflow
  • Great quantity
  • Travel friendly
  • Skin feels soft with this foundation

Cons of LA Colors Liquid Makeup:

  • Extremely light coverage
  • Not easily available in India
  • Doesn’t last for more than 2 hours
  • Compact is required over this foundation
  • No information mentioned
  • Makes the skin oily
  • Doesn’t stand true to its claims
  • Cheap packaging

    LA Colors Liquid Makeup
    LA Colors Liquid Makeup

My take on LA Colors Liquid Makeup:

I love when my aunt comes from overseas! She gets me bunch of chocolates and cosmetics. When I first saw the packaging I was not at all impressed with it, only thing is that this stick like packaging has a pump applicator which makes application simple and easy otherwise the packaging department needs to work on it. On digging a little information about this product I was surprised to find that this product costs only $1 (no kidding here). This foundation is inexpensive but disappointing.

My skin generates excess oil in few areas of the face as I have dry-combination skin. This particular foundation makes my skin oilier and therefore a compact over it is required. A touch up is also required every 2 hours. This foundation feels heavy on skin and makes me feel uncomfortable and caked up. So I often skip it on long days. It gives my skin a soft feel, but I don’t really like going for frequent touch ups. The only good thing about this foundation is that it doesn’t smell shitty like most other foundations. It has a light smell which isn’t bothersome.

Overall, it’s a cheap foundation and I don’t think I’m going to use it much. I like lightweight makeup which doesn’t show like makeup. So this is a sure no-no for me.

LA Colors Liquid Makeup
LA Colors Liquid Makeup


I will rate it 3 out of 10 because it’s good for nothing.

Will I recommend it?

A big NO. I completely refuse to buy this product and won’t recommend it to any of you. Don’t go on its price because the quality of the foundation is not good.