Lakme Clean up Face Mask Reviews

Lakme Clean up Face Mask Reviews

Lakme Clean up Face Mask Reviews

Hello pretty ladies.Today I have got a product for your beautiful face. It’s Lakme clean up face mask. Every day our face goes though a lot damage by exposure to harmful sun rays, pollution, dirt, heat and many such harmful radiations which makes our face look dull and not only that, it also makes our skin cells dead. We tend to lose our natural glow. I personally had tried many products to reduce tanning and get the freshness of my face back, and out of the many, this product has actually worked well on my skin. Talking about the brand:  the brand “Lakme” is well-known for beauty products and skin care. Well, it is my favorite one too! Till date I have purchased quite a many products from this brand and I haven’t faced any issues with any of the product by this brand. To know more about Lakme cleanup face mask please read further.

Lakme Clean up Face Mask
Lakme Clean up Face Mask

Product description

Lakme cleanup face mask (nourishing glow) contains strawberry extracts! The Masks work to, in a way to soothe your skin at the end of a cleansing routine and also helps by tightening and reducing appearance of pores. Nourish your face with Lakme Clean-up Nourishing Glow Face Mask as it deposits nourishing nutrients into your skin. The absorbing power of clay helps to remove excess oil content in your skin. This mask also helps to de-tan your skin tone and to give your face a fresh and glowing salon like finish every day.

Direction for use

  • Well this is a first face pack which is so easy to use!
  • Firstly you need to clean and exfoliate your face properly!
  • Then Squeeze out a generous amount of the face mask and apply it directly and evenly on your face and neck and form a thin film while avoiding the eye contour.
  • Allow it to dry perfectly.
  • After drying remove it with a wet towel or rinse it directly by water.
  • Use it once a week.

Shelf life

1 year

Lakme Clean up Face Mask
Lakme Clean up Face Mask


225 rupees!


The face mask comes in a red color tube, with a screw type grey color cap. The tube is easy to use and the cap is screwed tight enough to prevent the clay from drying. Also I really liked the packaging. 🙂

Lakme Clean up Face Mask
Lakme Clean up Face Mask


As it is a face mask therefore the texture is really thick as expected. The face mask is in a clay form which is to be applied directly on the face. The coverage of the clay is really well. A reasonable amount is enough to cover the whole face and neck area.

Key ingredients

Mentioned below.

Lakme Clean up Face Mask
Lakme Clean up Face Mask

Pros of Lakme Clean up face mask

  • Gives my skin a salon like glow and texture.
  • It is really easy to use every week
  • It de tans my skin
  • It helps my face to look healthier and smoother
  • Contains strawberry extracts
  • Very nice packaging
  • Inexpensive!

Cons of Lakme Clean up face mask

  • Leaves my skin dry after washing or removing the mask.

    Lakme Clean up Face Mask
    Lakme Clean up Face Mask

My experience with Lakme Clean up face mask

I bought this product near Diwali season. As, Diwali is a big festival so I really wanted to look good at the night party! The face mask resulted in awesome results. As I have already mentioned above that products by Lakme never give a bad effect to me. Again, the Lakme face clean up face mask (nourishing glow) with strawberry extracts is a smart buy as this face mask is really easy to use! No mixing! No spilling! Just apply directly! Also as I am mad about packaging, the packaging is way to attractive! The texture is really well blended; the clay has a big coverage on the face area. The after effects are really good! The tanning was almost gone, skin felt healthier and softer! The only bad thing about the product is that it leaves my skin really dry! Though all the face masks do the same but still I do not like this and I need to apply lot of moisturizer after removing the mask.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes of course! When you can get a salon like treatment at home then it is a smart buy!