Lakme Eye Color Quartet Reviews

Lakme Eye Color Quartet Reviews

Lakme Eye Color Quartet Reviews

Bonjour, Ladies,

I bring to you another intriguing looking Lakme product, the Lakme Eye Color Quartet, a 4 in 1 eye shadow pack. Now, this is like my least favorite category of beauty products because of how often that I end up using them. A good eye shadow is generally used for various festive occasions or any cultural parties where you can flaunt your garbs and look your best. However, using them for everyday wear would simply ruin the feel so I don’t find too many reasons to try them on. This product however caught my gaze with its set of four, divine shades that simply begged to be tried so I gave in and got it. Four kinds of shades were available here. A pale peach tone, a brownish-gold tone, a plum shade and finally, a nice, shimmery silver tone.

Lakme Eye Color Quartet
Lakme Eye Color Quartet

Product Description:

The Lakme Eye Color Quartet promises four exquisite shades that are long lasting and can even be combined with one and another to get a unique set of shades that can be applied to your eyelids. This product is enriched with natural ingredients to keep your eyes healthy and cause no sort of irritation.

How to Use:

The Lakme Eye Color Quartet provides the instructions on how to use the product at the back of the cover. The product can be used with or without a primer. The latter can have a considerable effect on the lasting power of your eye shadow. Eye shadows, especially bold shades, can cause a drastic change in ones appearance, from boring to a bombshell in seconds. As the instructions state, use the darker shades on your eyelid just about the upper lashes and make sure to use the more lighter shades on your lid which is below your eyebrows. Using dark shades over the visible region can result in a very hideous and over the top appearance.

Lakme Eye Color Quartet
Lakme Eye Color Quartet

Shelf Life:

3 years.


Rs. 425 for 7g


The Lakme Eye Color Quartet comes in a small case divided into four sections to hold the colors and also a double ended brush used for the eye shadow application.


The texture of the product is powdery with a beautiful shine, which without of a primer may cause the powder to fall off and get wasted. The lasting power generally stays for about 4-5 hours, only if it is left undisturbed.

Lakme Eye Color Quartet
Lakme Eye Color Quartet

Key Ingredients:

The ingredients used have not been mentioned in the pack.

Pros of Lakme Eye Color Quartet

  • Easy application, spreading over your eyelid and even mixing is possible with the brushes.
  • Pack of four colors can be mixed to obtain other shades.
  • Compact and hence travel friendly.
  • Lasts for a considerable period.

Cons of Lakme Eye Color Quartet

  • For just four shades, I’d say the price is quite outrageous.
  • Number is shades is fairly depressing.

    Lakme Eye Color Quartet
    Lakme Eye Color Quartet

My experience with Lakme Eye Color Quartet

The Lakme Eye Color Quartet did its name justice and was very easy to use and apply with the brush. It lasted for a few hours on the skin but the falling property made it seem like a waste for the price that it was purchased. It blended perfectly with the skin and the colors obtained were interested but not very different though. The brushes tended to get stained much too easily and became useless after a while since the dark color got stuck to the sponge of the brush.

Lakme Eye Color Quartet
Lakme Eye Color Quartet




It was sort of a so-so. Would I buy this product again? Probably not since I prefer to buy a makeup kit which provides a wider array of colors for the eyes and which are a hell lot cheaper than this.