Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose Reviews

Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose Reviews

Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose Reviews

Hello girls,

Including a glow with cheek highlighters as the last piece of makeup is similar to adding the decorating sauces to a formula. The last step is the particular case that flavors up the entire thing-and drastically animates the taste. In case of garnishing of flavor, the flavor goes over then food doesn’t taste great.

Similarly overabundance of the glow thing ruins the look! In my collection of highlighters, I have a highlighter of street ware, the Lakme face sheer-and an alternate method of swiping my flushed brush over the palette of Maybelline Eye studio quad in Copper Brown. Shockingly the last one works best among the three. Here I am looking into the Lakme Face Sheer.

Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose
Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose

Product Description

Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose that tint, highlight and layer for ravishing cheek and face color.

Direction for Use

  • Twist to open. Tap to mix sponge with color. Layer to construct lovely sunny cheek color or delicately go over face for that fair back- from-a-tropical-island occasion look. Turn to close.
  • Use nine to five creme to powder compact or foundation as a base in front of other makeup, for best comes about.

Shelf Life        

18 months 


Price: Rs 299 


The face sheer arrives in an adorable little tub in three shades despite the fact that the store from where I purchased it, had two. The shade I purchased is desert rose. It is a toned down gold with pink suggestions a superior portrayal of it is “light peachy gold”.

Right away I preferred the thought of a sponge implement for this sheer from my past experience with Street wear Roll on highlighter-I know how flashy would it be able to look if the sparkle from the contained grounds up specifically on the face. 

Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose
Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose


The sheer is ultra-fine light weighted gleam powder that settles on the skin equitably and the particles don’t emerge since the surface is fine. Be that as it may, mixing over makeup is troublesome since once dabbed the shine declines to move

Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose
Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose

Key Ingredients 

Talc, zinc, approved color 

 Pros of Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose 

  • Decent and fine shine, not thick
  • The desert rose shade gives a pinkish glow-so it looks kind common. I would propose while utilizing this gleam not to run over the edge with the redden.
  • Cost is sensible it takes one swipe of a soft brush to convey enough item on the cheeks
  • Has a little reflect on the top 

Cons of Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose 

  • Use the sponge utensil over your full face at your own danger.
  • This gleam loves to make your face resemble a disco ball-so controlling the sum and mixing is a genuine issue
  • Without confining there is no chance to get of cleaning the sponge
  • Shimmer dust spills through the contorting piece of the cover
  • High risk of looking OTT if exaggerate

    Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose
    Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose

My Experience with Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose 

The sponge tool which should “administer” the shine dust- does that just in the event that you rub. I thought that it was troublesome even to get a fitting swatch of the shine on the rear of my hands in the wake of rubbing hard enough-and no one but I could see a clue here and a glimmer there. Following 15 minutes of rubbing-at long last the gleam started to turn out-with the rubbing going on.

I thought-Okay-surprisingly of utilizing –maybe this was requiring significant investment. So I attempted a second time-and the same story rehashed rub REALLY hard and you may see some sparkle exchanging to your cheek which would either look washed with shine or having streaks and stipples of it.

Generally there is no power over the measure of sparkle or exactness with reference to how you need to apply. What’s more in addition the shine turns out from the side of the top even if the lid is closed

Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose
Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose


My rates are 7 out of 10. 

Whether I would recommend this product again: 

I will not recommend this product. Hope you like my content till then my next update you “Stay Stylish and Spicy”.