Lakme Kajal Reviews

Lakme Kajal Reviews

Lakme Kajal Reviews

An enchanting day to you, lovely ladies,

The Lakme products simply never stop rolling in and here is probably a family member of the Lakme kajal series. There are a variety of Lakme kajal products like Lakme Satin Black Kajal, Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and now this, the Lakme Kajal stick. The Lakme Kajal stick was the first kajal that I ever tried at the beginning of my college days when I actually tried to wear any of makeup. I still remember going to class looking like a raccoon and received endless comments about my tries. But I wasn’t fazed out by the failure of my efforts and simply tried harder and was more careful when using a kajal. The Lakme Kajal stick comes in a single but super black shade that stays for a very long time on your eyes. Unfortunately, it isn’t smudge proof, water proof, or any proof at all.

Lakme Kajal
Lakme Kajal

Product Description:

The Lakme Kajal promises to provide a sheer, smooth and pitch black line to coat your eyes with a tip that can be sharpened quickly. The ingredients used do not damage to your eyes and keeps it from irritation.

How to Use:

The Lakme Kajal follows the same procedure as that of the Lakme Satin Black Kajal stick. Make sure your lower eyes are nicely cleaned and oil free since the kajal stick tends to cause a slight smudging as time proceeds. Sharpen the pencil to get a nice sharp tip that allows you to slide the tip with one precise movement along your lower eyelids for a thick, dark finish. Careful to ease up around the edges since any smudging can be a complete pain before it gets removed.

Lakme Kajal
Lakme Kajal

Shelf Life:

3 years.


Rs. 50 per piece.


A typical pen like structure with a completely black skin and a transparent cap forms the basic look for this product. The name is etched in gold letters but unfortunately, that’s the only information provided about the product.


The texture of the Lakme Kajal stick is very smooth and glides effortlessly along you eyelids in a single, even stroke. A nice, fine tip lets you reach to the corners so that no area is left uncovered. Below you can see the swatch of the stick drawn on my hand and how the line leaves a glossy finish as a result.

Lakme Kajal
Lakme Kajal

Key Ingredients :

The ingredients mentioned are camphor and castor oil.

Pros of Lakme Kajal

  • Easy to use and can be sharpened for the thickness of the line.
  • Gives a beautifully thick, black shade that lasts for hours.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • A slight smudging gives a more dramatic, ‘smokey’ effect on the eyes.

    Lakme Kajal
    Lakme Kajal

Cons of Lakme Black Satin Kajal

  • Ended up looking like a raccoon while trying to wash it off and its effect lasted for days.
  • Trying to find a sharpener of the right size was a pain.
  • Slightly irritated the eyes after using it.

My experience with Lakme Kajal

I have a very complicated relationship with this product. I didn’t entirely love it or hate it. I loved how it gave a beautiful long lasting effect to my lower eyes and stayed on for a long amount of time. What I did not like is how even a light brush can leave it smudging horribly and even after carefully cleaning it, it stained the skin badly. Even trying to remove it was a pain.

Lakme Kajal
Lakme Kajal




Would most definitely not recommend this product if you want a kajal stick that gives a neat finish and that can be at least removed easily. Will probably try something else and not buy this again because it was not worth the hassle.