Lakme Lash Artist Mascara Reviews

Lakme Lash Artist Mascara Reviews

Lakme Lash Artist Mascara

A very good day to you, Ladies,

Brace yourselves because we have another Lakme product in the house, the successor of the Lakme Thick Lash Mascara, the Lakme Lash Artist Mascara. I guess since the earlier product died out like the age of the dinosaurs, it’s always good to keep up with the latest products that make it into the market and that is exactly what happened with this product. Although I did not have any great expectations with this product, it was fairly good and once which you can probably use for your everyday use if you don’t want long, heavy and thick lashes when you go to work.

Product Description:

The Lakme Lash Artist Mascara promises to provide its loyal users with the following features such as

  • A unique brush with thick, short brushes that curls your lashes and applies the mascara from the root to the tip.
  • It is smudge-proof, water proof and can be easily removed.

    Lakme Lash Artist Mascara
    Lakme Lash Artist Mascara

How to Use:

The Lakme Lash Artist Mascara follows the instructions that you may use for any of your typical mascaras. Simply make sure to swipe the bristles of the brush from the root of your lashes to the very tip. The drying power of the mascara is fairly fast so it will be very easy for you to darken it with a second or a third coat. Now follow the same instructions to coat the mascara to the lower lashes as well. Since it dries quickly, there is no possibility of the lashes sticking to your skin before it dries.

Shelf Life:

2 years.


Rs. 225 for 7 ml


The Lakme Lash Artist Mascara follows an eccentric shape like most of the Lakme products and comes in a long rectangular tube. The tube did confuse me as I thought it probably was the outer packaging but obviously it wasn’t. The top is fitted with a gold cap that contains the brush. The brush contains tiny bristles cluttered together to make sure that the mascara coats every single lash evenly. The brush is tapered towards the end so that it makes it easy to apply the coating even to the corners of your eyes.

Lakme Lash Artist Mascara
Lakme Lash Artist Mascara


The texture is simply prefect with an average of density and fluidity that doesn’t run once you apply it, or cakey so that it’s impossible to spread the mascara over your lashes. It glides ever so smoothly from root to tip and gives you a suitable volume and length that is easily noticeable from your normal lashes.

Key Ingredients:

The ingredients used have not been mentioned in the pack.

Pros of Lakme Lash Artist Mascara

  • A very reasonable price.
  • Does not smudge and is completely waterproof.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • Easy to wash off.
  • Can be used for everyday wear..
    Lakme Lash Artist Mascara
    Lakme Lash Artist Mascara

Cons of Lakme Lash Artist Mascara

  • Does not curl the lashes and does not increase the volume exponentially.
  • Lasts for a few hours at most after which you can see it fading off.

My experience with Lakme Lash Artist Mascara

A very tasteful Lakme product that is very comfortable for everyday use. No longer do I have to worry about tiny, ugly lashes that will ruin an entire face but with a single flick of the bristles, the black and beautiful lashes were totally worth the effort and price.

Lakme Lash Artist Mascara
Lakme Lash Artist Mascara




Another Lakme product that definitely brought a smile to my face and boost to my lashes. This is a good recommend for anyone who’s a fan of wearing mascara that isn’t too overstated and gives an assorted yet stylish look to your eyes.