Lakme Nail Color Remover Review

Lakme Nail Color Remover Review

Lakme Nail Color Remover

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If I say that we are not at all addicted to nail paints and nail polishes; is it justified? The answer is obviously no. We women are all addicted to nail polish and nail paints. And where there is a need of nail polish, there has to be a need for nail color removers.


What is a nail polish remover in actual? A nail polish remover is an organic liquid solvent. Nail polish removers are made of ethyl acetate. Nail polish removers contain several solvents, like the acetic acid and the ethanol. They together form the ethyl acetate, which is colorless and highly flammable in nature.
The fragrant smell of the solvent has also led it to use in perfumes.

Lakme Nail Color Remover
Lakme Nail Color Remover

The need for nail color removers

Have you ever been to a drugstore with chipped nails and you stared blankly to all your options for a suitable nail polish remover? Then I must say that you are not alone.
It is quite tough to decide what to choose from the two; the acetone or the non-acetone nail polish remover. But I must tell you the secret that acetone nail paint removers are much more effective than non acetone nail polish removers.

I have been using the Lakme nail polish remover with vitamin E since a long time and trust me; I’ve been getting good results compared to other nail paint removers.

Product Description

The Lakme nail color remover is easily available in any cosmetics shop out there. They are also available in drugstores. The Lakme Nail polish remover is quite catchy among rest of the similar products. Since years it has been using the same packaging. The product comes in a sealed small sized glass bottle with the product specifications and the directions for use mentioned on it.

Lakme Nail Color Remover
Lakme Nail Color Remover

Key Features

The Lakme nail paint remover is a \n effective nail polish remover. It is enriched with the goodness of vitamin E as described in the package. It is also a fast remover compared to other nail paint remover available in the market.


The Lakme Nail paint remover contains the following basic things are:

  • Acetic acid
  • Ethanol

Though the ingredients of the product are not mentioned in the package, yet these are the common ingredients of a nail polish remover.

Lakme Nail Color Remover
Lakme Nail Color Remover

Direction for Use

Now, I don’t think I need to elaborate this part any further. The application of the nail polish remover is much easier than putting on the nail paint. What you have to do is just take a dab of cotton, make it semi wet with the remover solution and then gently rub over the nails of toes and fingers. Within no time the nail paints will be easily wiped off from your nails.

Pros of the Lakme Nail Polish Remover

This product is an acetone remover solution. It is made with the solvent of ethanol and acetic acid. Therefore it has a very fast paint removing action compared to non acetone or other nail polish removers. Nevertheless, it is quite simple to use and has is cheaper.

Lakme Nail Color Remover
Lakme Nail Color Remover

Cons of the Lakme Nail Polish Remover

As stated earlier, this nail polish remover contains ethanol and acetic acid, which is quite harmful for sensitive skin. Moreover it is highly flammable and the solution tends to sublime soon, once the seal is broken.

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