LDH Special Amla Powder Review

LDH Special Amla Powder Review

LDH Special Amla Powder Review

Hello all,loving this monsoon season. Here, in Pune it’s always unpredictable weather. It’s raining this minute and after  5 minutes you’ll see the sun shining, then again it is showering. So sun and clouds play hide and seek continuously. While I am writing this, the rain started again. So, in this hide and seek game of sun and rain, I just don’t want my hair to lose. I have dry and frizzy hair and in monsoon with all the moisture in the air they become frizzier, so I have to take extra care of them. For that I have now started a regular regime of massaging Amla powder paste to my hair before giving them a wash. Let’s check out here how this Alma powder works for hair.

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LDH Special Amla Powder
LDH Special Amla Powder

Product Description of LDH special amla powder

This is a special amla powder from LDH. Using this as an amla scrub on a regular basis gives natural charm and shine to the skin. Applying amla powder on forehead helps healing headache. Intake of amla prevents cardiovascular disorders. Washing hair with amla juice makes them strong. Application of heena after mixing LDH amla powder in it provides complete nourishment to hair, making them extra healthy and shining.

Direction for Use

This amla powder can be used as a scrub for the skin, as it gives shine to face when used regularly. This can also be applied directly to the hair, as a mask after mixing this with water. This can also be mixed in heena to get extra shine and smoothness for hair.

LDH Special Amla Powder
LDH Special Amla Powder

Shelf Life

Its shelf life is 24 months

Price & Quantity

200gm of pack is priced at 29rs

LDH Special Amla Powder
LDH Special Amla Powder

Skin Type

Suitable for all types


This amla powder comes in a paper carton package.  Inside powder is packed in a transparent plastic bag. You are advised to empty the product in any airtight container, so that it won’t get soggy and will be spill free. I won’t advise to carry this along, as this packaging is not leak proof.


Its texture is not very smooth; you can feel some particles in it. This is light Brown in the shade, it become darker when water added to it. It has a citrus amla fragrance.  This is a plus point for me as it lifts the mood instantly.

LDH Special Amla Powder
LDH Special Amla Powder

Key Ingredients

No such information is provided on pack, but it’s basically an amla powder.

Pro’s of LDH special amla powder

  • Very reasonably priced
  • Can be used on skin as well as for hair too
  • Fragrance is a plus point for me

Con’s of LDH special amla powder

  • It’s a messy job to mix and apply paste
  • Packaging is not leak proof

My Experience with LDH special amla powder

My experience with this powder has been real good. Before using this powder, I have used amla powder in my hair as a pack and in my henna too, but after reading all the usages of amla powder, I also used it as a face scrub. This works miracles as a hair pack and as a face scrub its results are ok for me, as I don’t like to scrub my face. So all in all this is a very reasonable and good natural product to have. So just go for it.


I would rate this product 4/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes, I would recommend this again, as this a very good fixture for hair.