LOREAL Kajal Magique Reviews

LOREAL Kajal Magique Reviews

LOREAL Kajal Magique Reviews

Good day, Fashionistas,

No one really tires of a good makeup product and a reviewers job is never done until the boldest and the very best are brought to light for your knowledge. Now here’s a brand that I didn’t really think of trying until I tried it out at my sister’s house. Even though my sister is not a huge makeup junkie, her collection of products are simply stunning and she loves to float through the cloud of high class brands with ease. The LOREAL Kajal Magique is a dual version mixed with both our tones so do enjoy.

Product Description:

The LOREAL Kajal Magique promises to be non-transfer, water-proof and smudge proof for a 12 hour time period. It is opthalmologically tested so it’s safe for contact lens users as well. The kajal stick is patented with special pigmented minerals that provide a deep, intense color.

LOREAL Kajal Magique
LOREAL Kajal Magique

How to Use:

Another product with ease of use due to its screwing ability provided. Simply turn the rotatable bottom to push the required amount out and then swipe the tip along your waterline. The fine tip lets you reach to the very corners quite easily and you can follow the same procedure for your eyelid as well. However, a single line may be insufficient as the amount of depth may not be obtained. So be sure to draw multiple coats for a deep, intense shade that stays on for a considerable time period.

Shelf Life:

30 months


Rs. 245 per piece.


The entire product comes in a simple pencil like structure that is very easy to use, a retractable base to push the stick out for use with the details of the product printed on the side.

LOREAL Kajal Magique
LOREAL Kajal Magique


The texture is moderately smooth and glides with some effort over your lids and waterline. The single coat gives a sort of a grayish shade that needs to have sufficient number of coats to obtain a proper black shade. And since you have no option to sharpen the pencil, you might have to adjust with the medium sized lines that you have to draw on your eyes. The staying power however lasts for a while and the water and smudge proof facts are well accounted for.

LOREAL Kajal Magique
LOREAL Kajal Magique

Key Ingredients :

The ingredients mentioned are Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil Esters and Vitamin C derivates.

Pros of LOREAL Kajal Magique

  • Easy to use but unfortunaltely, the thickness of the lines cannot be varied.
  • Water proof and smudge proof.
  • Quite travel friendly due to its small size.
  • This product did nothing to cause any sort of irritation to my eyes despite my wearing contacts.
  • Affordable price and a quality product.

    LOREAL Kajal Magique
    LOREAL Kajal Magique

Cons of LOREAL Kajal Magique

  • Staying power is not so great when applied on the waterline.
  • Need to give more than three or four swipes to get a decent black shade.

My experience with LOREAL Kajal Magique

Not a bad product but still cant say it’s the best. There are better Kajal sticks out there with better richness of color and a much lower price when compared to this. The need to swipe is more than a few times to get a deep, jet black gets annoying after a while especially if it doesn’t really last for a few hours at most.

LOREAL Kajal Magique
LOREAL Kajal Magique




Would probably jump ship to a better Kajal stick from some of the other brands which promise a better color stay once this gets over. A good try nevertheless but will not be purchased again.