Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN Reviews

Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN Reviews

Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN Reviews – (Deep Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Skin)

Hullo Gurlz, summer is here, and so is sweat, greasy and oily skin, dull and lost with the sun! Am sure, all of you would agree with me – We really put our skin, to a whole lot of acid test, during the hot summer. Trust me, many of us, including me overdo the skin care routine, that we actually do more harm to our skin than the sun! and its time, we understand, what our skin needs, and use products that heal the skin from within.

Recently, I was introduced to a product, from Loreal Paris, which made my dull and somewhat uneven skin, to look smooth and squeaky clean from all the grime, dust and sweat. It is super good for a sensitive skin like mine, and I decided to review, the product especially for all those, facing similar skin issues. So lets get cracking, …. Ladies, I present to you Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN – a deep facial cleanser formulated for sensitive skin.

Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN
Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN

Product Description

  • Removes all traces of oil , dirt and makeup
  • Deep facial cleanser for Sensitive skin
  • For daily use – Cleanse every pore
  • Comes with a soft scrublet disk
  • Does not over dry you skin
  • Pores look visibly smaller
  • Gives you smoother skin
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Fragrance free
  • Soap free

Skin Synopsis

Highly suitable for sensitive and irritant skin – especially for those having a combination and T-zone. It cleanses pore by pore, making your skin look clean, clearer and smoother with every use.

Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN
Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN

Directions for usage

It comes with a scrublet disk, and with 3 steps, you can ensure to have a clean and clear skin.

  • Pop-out the scrublet and slide it between your fingers.
  • Dampen the face and a pump off a pint drop of cleanser on to the scrublet disk
  • Rub the disk on your face, in circular motion, concentrating around the nose, chin, cheek and forehead.
  • Be gentle, while scrubbing, and if you have acne, you can avoid the scrublet and use your finger tips to massage in a circular motion.
  • Wash it off well, with cold water and pat your face with a dry linen.

Price Tag

A bottle of 178 ml i.e about 6.0 FL.OZ is priced at 399 INR. It is a little expensive for a cleanser, and I use it on a daily basis – (both morning and night), and it lasts me about a month and half. 

Key Ingredients 

Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN
Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN


Neatly packed in a use and throw bottle, with a flip open cap, attached with the scrublet disk. It is easy to carry around, and fits inside your travel bag, your usual handbag but not the wallet! Maybe you can pump some in a spray bottle and carry it in your wallet. 


White, smooth and glossy liquid – with no added fragrance.

Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN
Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN

Pros of Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN

  • Cleans your skin – Pore by pore
  • Reduces the size of your pore, so smaller pores, tight and firm face
  • Leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized
  • Does not irritate your skin and no problem of over drying

Cons of Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN 

  • A little Expensive and that’s the only one – I can think of!
Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN
Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN

My experience with Loreal Paris GO 360 CLEAN

I have had my oily, greasy days – and this product is my saviour! It keeps me oil free and evens out the skin tone, and my pores are no longer bigger, in fact with regular use, I can see them shrink and that has done a lot of good to me in the recent times. My face has regained its lost sheen and no more dull looking skin!



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I would suggest every one to go ahead and try it out – it would be the best thing, to give back to your skin and am sure you will love it.