Lotus Colorkick Kajal Reviews

Lotus Colorkick Kajal Reviews

Lotus Colorkick Kajal Reviews

Hello Gorgeous ladies,

I have always been a fan of Kajals. I have tried a number of brands till date but the hunt is still on. It is said that we girls are seldom satisfied. And I always try my luck with all the new launches in the market. So, this time i thought of trying with the latest Kajal LOTUS COLORKICK Kajal.

Lotus Colorkick Kajal
Lotus Colorkick Kajal

Product Description of Lotus Colorkick Kajal  –

An extreme deep black pigmented smudge proof formula enriched with botanical extracts of almond oil. The one glide application makes it easy to use without any flakiness and stays perfect for 8 hours without any smudge.
Create new looks playing around with this long stay waterproof kajal without worrying for the touch ups.


INR 199 for 0.28 grams

Lotus Colorkick Kajal
Lotus Colorkick Kajal

Packaging :

The newest Kajal comes in a bright packaging which is perfect for girls. Why???? Because the Kajal comes in the perfect baby pink colour. Lakme has perfectly engrossed the claims of Kajal. Even the brand details are also mentioned in the Kajal. The Kajal has product name engrossed in yellow font over the pink Kajal body. The Kajal looks extremely chic and attractive.

Texture :

The Kajal is extremely smooth in application. It can be applied on eyes in a single swipe only. If you have ever used such Kajals which cause irritation or stinginess to eyes then this Kajal is a perfect gift for you. But i wonder that the smooth tip of Kajal may melt in scorching summers.

Lotus Colorkick Kajal
Lotus Colorkick Kajal

Pros of Lotus Colorkick Kajal –

  1. Trustable Brand
  2. Easy on Pocket
  3. Beautiful look
  4. Darkest Black Colour
  5. No irritation
  6. Perfect for sensible eyes
  7. Staying power impressive

Cons of Lotus Colorkick kajal–

  1. Limited Availability
  2. Gets spread quite easily

    Lotus Colorkick Kajal
    Lotus Colorkick Kajal

My Experience with Lotus Colorkick Kajal–

Last time when i had used Lotus Herbals Kajal it was years back. And Lotus has been quite late in launching a new Kajal. Many brands have come up with a number of makeup products. So, here comes the brand new Kajal by Lotus LOTUS COLORKICK KAJAL.

The lotus Kajal pencil comes in retractable form. You just need to twist the body of the Kajal to get the tip out. The tip of the pencil is quite thin and thus you can easily draw thin lines on both upper and lower eye lines. And for bold or dramatic looks just re-apply the Kajal.

What is different in this newbie??? The shade of lotus Kajal is truly breathtaking. On single application you will get true dark black colour. And when you re-apply the Kajal it gives intense black finish.

Now, let’s talk about the smudge factor of this Kajal. The Kajal gets quite easily smudged. And within sometime of application say 1-2 hours the Kajal smudges which gives a smokey dramatic look. The Kajal starts to disappear unevenly. And after a full day’s journey you can’t trace the Kajal anywhere. It gets completely smudged and faded. Just a hint of kohl appears on the Kajal.

Lotus Colorkick Kajal
Lotus Colorkick Kajal

Rating –


Whether I would recommend this product again –

I find the Kajal quite different than others but still i love this Kajal. The intense black smokey dramatic look is to die for. This newbie has impressed me to the core. Why don’t you guys also try and have a look at it.