Lotus Ecostay Kajal Reviews

Lotus Ecostay Kajal Reviews

Lotus Ecostay Kajal Reviews

Hi Girlies, summers are here. Most of the fashion brands have launched their summer range this month. We can see colorful, fashionable yet trendy clothing styles everywhere. But there is something which we swear by in all seasons and that is kajal. Styles come and go, but Indians prefer kohl in eyes in all seasons. From young babies, to old ladies and even some men prefer wearing kajal in their eyes, as it provides coolness to the eyes.

Recently, Lotus launched a range of totally herbal kajal. I found it in a cosmetic stores and immediately grabbed it. Lotus is an Indian brand and having a lot of herbal products in their range. So, let us look at the detailed review of this kajal.

Lotus Ecostay Kajal
Lotus Ecostay Kajal


INR 325 for 1.2gms

Lotus Ecostay Kajal
Lotus Ecostay Kajal

Product Description:

Gives a soft and dark jet black shade in a single stroke. It is suitable for waterline. It is dermatologist tested.

Directions for use:

Wash your eyes. Wipe it dry. Gently pull down the lower eye lid and with one stroke apply the kajal on the waterline. Blink your eyes and you are ready.

How to Apply :

Please Refer the Image

Lotus Ecostay Kajal
Lotus Ecostay Kajal

Shelf Life:

2 years

Packaging :

The packaging is very cute. It comes in a box packaging.


The texture is soft yet creamy. Only one stroke is required for a dark, intense yet creamy stroke.

Lotus Ecostay Kajal
Lotus Ecostay Kajal

 Pros of Lotus Ecostay Kajal

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Jet black color
  • Single stroke required
  • Stays for 8 to 9 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Sweat proof
  • Free of paraffin, animal oil and preservatives
  • ophthalmologist approved
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Suitable for contact lenses
  • Suitable for water line
  • Availability

Cons of Lotus Ecostay Kajal

  • Expensive
  • I wish it had sharpener
  • Sometimes tip breaks as it is very delicate

Lotus Ecostay Kajal
Lotus Ecostay Kajal

My experience with Lotus Ecostay Kajal

I have been using the kajal for 2 months now. For quite a long time, I used eyeconic until recently it started giving me a burning or rather itching sensation in my eyes. I sit in front of system for more than 10 hours and other times, I am using mobile. I was badly looking for a new type of kajal and came across this. This kajal is much expensive than the other kajals in the market within a range of 200INR but then this kajal claims to be purely herbal which is an additional benefit.  This kajal is suitable for contact lens wearers too as it is ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested. You can use it on the waterline too. The color payoff and velvety texture is awesome.

The texture is soft yet creamy. It settles easily in the water line. It did not cause any irritation or itching in my eyes. A single stroke is enough for a jet black stroke. The staying power claimed is 10 hours but it does stay for around 8-9 hours without smudging. There is no need for touch up once applied. Best thing I do have watery eyes but then it does not even smudge on my eyes.

The kajal is a pencil type. The sharper does not come with it. I really wish it was self sharpening. The tip is very delicate and has to be sharpened, very delicately. Sometimes the tip breaks off easily.  I have to be extremely careful while sharpening. After each sharpening, I can notice reduction in size of the pencil substantially.

Lotus Ecostay Kajal
Lotus Ecostay Kajal


5 on 5

whether I would recommend this product again?

Overall, I feel this is one of the highly recommended kajal for this summer season this won’t smudge a bit in this sweaty season. It is expensive but if you have watery waterline, then this is a must as it does not cause smudging at all. Also, it has somehow stopped itching in my eyes. I love this Kajal.