Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 matte look daily sunblock SPF 40

Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 matte look daily sunblock SPF 40

Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 matte look daily sunblock SPF 40 PA +++

Hello Friends,

We are all familiar with the use of sunscreens to protect skin cells damage due to heat of sun. Well it is really embarrassing to look at own skin turning shiny and pale white. Numerous sunscreen products are out in the market while one must know the specific product benefits before actually buying anything at random. Buy sunscreen as per your skin type and according to the SPF level that you are looking for. Whether you prefer matt look or not is also one of the consideration.


What does it claim?

There is a specific product of Lotus Herbals named as Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 matte look daily sun block and equipped with SPF 40 PA +++.  The product is available in the form of tube and can be carried easily anywhere. You all may be using different creams and oiliness is one of the major problems with such products. But this product is non-greasy, tinted and is contained in the form of thin liquid. Moreover it does not feel oily and is non sticky in nature. Further it does not cause skin dry out and get mixed with skin very well thereby enabling it to wear under makeup.



Further the product does not cause extra whitening of skin which is quite popular with other sunscreen lotions and creams. It brings in natural brightness to the skin and is not heavy on skin.  As per usage directives the product is required to apply every 3 hours, still it gives an extensive coverage for around 6-7 hours.  The question of reapplication appears on the environment and daily working conditions you are exposed to.  The product has got decent SPF content which helps in skin tanning.



The product has no distracting fragrance. Upon using the product, only problem that I came across is the accumulation of the liquid across the nozzle which upon drying chocks the flow of the liquid. While discussing the ingredients of the product you will be pleased to know that it contains talcum, glycerin, water, polyacrylamideC13-14, titanium oxide, fumed silica, Propyl paraben, iron oxide (red), iron oxide (yellow) and many other great components.



As per the website information, a sun block product contains highly concentrated sun screens and filters to scatter, reflect and absorb the UVB & UVA rays. Further it helps to protect skin from ageing, cancer, tanning and other related damages as a result of UV exposure. As a whole the product is good but you may rate it as per your skin conditions. For your information the product has got three active ingredients like Oregno that acts as an anti-oxidant & anti-irritant, Chamomile gives a calm and soothing sensation and Carrot that acts as an anti-tanning agent.

The product has SPF 40 rating that means it can provide sun protection for around 240 minutes and thereafter depending on exposure the product is required to be reapplied again. The ‘PA +++’ factor works great on extending protection from sun UVA rays. Thus altogether the product is great with 3 benefits packed in one.



There are slight problems in packaging still the minute defects outrun the benefits that you can have from this product and most importantly it works on all skins without any discrimination.

So girls hope you will like it!