MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Reviews

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Reviews

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Reviews

Hello lovely ladies,

I have always been pampering my hair and sharing all my love and care with it. I love long dark black hairs. And I have naturally black hairs but sometimes because of some unavoidable circumstances and busy schedule they are deprived of the care they deserve and thus the hair becomes rough, dry, brittle and what not.

Since I love long hairs, I am always trying to grow my tresses long. But obviously when you don’t cut your hair ends for quite a longer period of time, you might end up with split ends. These split ends not only deliver an unhealthy look to your hair but also enhances hair fall. Thus, I was in lookout for some herbal recipe or magic portion for my hair. I used to apply weekly hair packs to nourish my hair. But definitely they were not serving as the growth enhancers for my hair. Thus, my hair screamed for something more.

That was the time when I came through this MABH oil. I have heard many bloggers rave about this oil. So, I thought why not give it a chance. And that’s how this beauty landed in my kitty.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil
MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

Product Description of MABH fast growth hair oil

This is an herbal oil made with the goodness of many naturally enriched products. The oil contains no silicones or parabens. It is completely homemade and 100% traditional oil.

It is well-known for –

  • Reduces hair fall
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Enhances new hair growth
  • Increase in hair volume
  • Imparts shine

Directions for use

MABH hair oil can be heated on a low flame or can be applied directly on scalp. You need to take some drops of the oil on your palm depending on the hair length and massage it on the scalp. Once you are done with the scalp apply the oil at the ends.

Once when you are done with both the scalp and the hair ends take a towel dipped in warm water and cover your hairs with the towel. This will ensure that the scalp completely gets the oil. Just remove the towel after 10-15 minutes and enjoy a sleep. Wash over the oil next day with your regular shampoo.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil
MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil


Neem, tulsi, hibiscus, bringraj, vitamin E extracts, aloe vera, natural essential oils including 20+ herbs.

Shelf Life:

6 months

Price :

Rs. 400 for 100 ml.

Packaging :

The hair oil comes in a strong wooden box. This makes the hair completely secured and tightly packed. The bottle is medium in weight and securely tightened opening which prevents oil to spill out.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil
MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

Texture :

Texture wise the oil is pretty light as compared to other hair oils. The oil gets easily spread and mixed with the hair. But even being light it doesn’t make your hair deprived of moisture. I love the oil because it doesn’t gives chip-chip feeling.

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil
MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

Pros of MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

  1. 100% natural
  2. Impressive ingredients list
  3. Lasts long
  4. Reduces dandruff
  5. Makes hair shiny
  6. Gives a healthy look to hair
  7. Enhances hair growth
  8. Reduces hair-fall

Cons of MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

  1. Pricey against the quantity
MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil
MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

My experience with MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil

I have been using MABH hair oil thrice a week. Sometimes I heat it sometimes don’t. I am on my second bottle and the first bottle lasted me close to 2 months or so. I have mid-length hair.

I was also unbelievable of the idea of how a hair oil can make hair grow fast. But post usage I realised that yes it does. It brings new fresh hair on scalp and speeds your hair growth. But don’t expect the oil to work as wonders. It will only work once you follow a healthy lifestyle. Other than oiling my hair regularly I apply weekly hair packs and eat healthy.



Whether I would recommend it again??

Of course, ladies it’s worth a try.